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While searching for survivors of two rescue pods that landed on Cephlon, a highly radioactive planet, Jenna is lost. Avon, Vila and Gan go back to search for her, with all getting an overdose of radiation because the survivor is so desperate to get medical supplies to his father that he threatens Cally to get Blake to leave his crew behind and go to Aristo to save Ensor, the man's father. The explosion of the ship turns out to have been arranged by Servalan to get access to Ensor's supercomputer, Orac, for free. On Cephon, Avon has been hailed as a god by a beautiful young woman, and fulfills her prophecies by setting off a rocket that carries the seeds of the almost extinct civilization. The man threatening Cally dies, allowing Blake to return to save his crew.

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Blake:Surface conditions?
Zen:The planet Cephron has a breathable atmosphere with a high oxygen content. The radiation level is in excess of normal tolerance levels, and prolonged exposure could result in tissue damage. Massive variations in temperature levels. Gravity is 2.15 G.
Zen:There is no current information.Logic units suggest that remaining life may have mutated through exposure to high radiation.
Blake:None of which seems very promising. Are you sure you want to go down?
Avon:Are you afraid that I'll be able to cope with it better than you?
Blake:[laughing] No.
Avon:Well, perhaps you ought to be.
Blake:Down and back as fast as you can. Right?
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Avon:We're going to have to make this fast. The chances are that any survivors won't have come thru the landing anyway.
Jenna:I disagree. They may well be alive.
Avon:That's why we're going down. If we run into any kind of trouble, we teleport back up immediately. Alright, Cally?
Gan:Do you know exactly what we're looking for, cause I don't think I've ever seen an impact life capsule.
Jenna:They're bullet-shaped, built to be energy absorbing. Theoretically, they could freefall from the edge of the atmosphere onto hard rock without even bruising the people inside.
Cally:Is there a life support system?
Jenna:Basic respirator, about all.
Blake:The coordinates place both capsules within one square mile. I'm going to put you down in the middle of the search area.
Cally:Coordinates set.
Blake:One of us will stay by the teleport. [to Avon] Be careful.
Avon:[quietly] Alright. Put us down.

.[The search team splits up. Gan and Jenna's find dead man. Avon and Vila find badly injured man. They ask for teleport up.]
.[Cally listening to music on headphones, Blake sitting beside her, eyes closed. Cally rushes to teleport to bring them back. All but Jenna arrive. They rush man to sickbay.]
Cally:Jenna's not back yet.
Vila:Where is she?
Avon:Gan, you were with her.
Gan:She was right behind me when we teleported.
Blake:Cally, you look after him. You three come with me.

.[attempts to bring her up fail]
Avon:We'll go back down.
Blake:[nastily] I think you'd better.

.[search so far a failure]
Avon:Liberator, it's Avon. Do you hear me, Liberator?
Blake:Avon, have you found her yet?
Avon:No. We're going to start searching again.
Blake:Is there anything we can do?
Avon:I'm open to suggestions.
Blake:Well, if you haven't found her in four hours, you come back. Cally and I will take over.
Avon:Whatever you say.
Blake:Just don't give up on her.
Avon:No, we won't do that. Not yet. We'll be in touch.
Blake:Let's get started.
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.[Attacked by primitives, the searchers are saved by the opening of a vault door. Liberator has been forced out of orbit by the injured man, so teleporting isn't an option. A lovely girl in white Grecian gown, Meegat, comes in.]
Avon:Who are you?
Meegat:And you shall answer. [kneels] My name is Meegat, Lord.
Avon:You opened the door?
Meegat:I opened the door.
Avon: We're grateful. We seem to have made a few enemies outside.
Meegat:That my Lord might find safety from his enemies.
Gan:She seems to be on our side.
Vila:Yeah, but the poor woman's insane.
Avon:Not necessarily.
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Meegat:[still on the ground] I will describe the way to the scavengers' camp so that you may rescue your follower.
Avon:My follower? I never really thought of her in those terms. Are you alone here?
Meegat:Yes, Lord. Everything is as it was written. One waits.
Avon:For what?
Meegat:For you.
Vila:I told you she was mad.
Gan:How long have you been waiting?
Meegat:All of my life, as those before me waited. But it is I who welcome you. Welcome, Lord, welcome.
Avon:Yes, well, let's not start all that again.
Gan:You hurt her feelings now.
Meegat:I have offended you.
Avon:No, you haven't offended me.
Meegat:Forgive me.
Avon:I forgive you. [lifts her to her feet]
Vila:You're enjoying this, aren't you?

.[Meegat leads them into a large control room]
Vila:You have technology like this and still get your light from those? [indicates candles]
Meegat:But it does not provide light.
Gan:But it could, Meegat, if it was working.
Avon:Of course, that's why they were waiting for us.
Meegat:All things are known to you. You are truly Lord. [goes down again]
Vila:Counting yourself, that makes two people who think you're wonderful.
Avon:[pulls her up] Tell me about the prophecy.
Meegat:The ancients promised that strangers, not of this world, would be the means of our deliverance.
Gan:Look, Meegat, we're not really gods from the sky as you know, but men from a spacecraft.
Vila:With problems of our own.
Meegat:You have come. The waiting is over. As it was promised, the Lord Avon will save our race.
Gan:[wipes glass and sees rocket] Come see this.
Avon:A mechanical rocket in launch position.
Meegat:    He shall recognize Deliverance and speak it's name. He shall speak its name as a thing known and understood. As to him, all things are known and understood. [goes down again]
Vila:She's been alone too long, definitely.

Avon:[bringing her up again] Is there a legend of deliverance?
Meegat:Yes, Lord.
Avon:Tell me about it.
Meegat:But you know it.
Avon:Ah, well, tell me about it anyway.
Meegat:Our fathers fought a great war. Kashel, the wise, dreamed that all life would end in this place.
Gan:He was right.
Meegat:So Kashel sought a way to preserve our race - a way for it to survive in a new place, among the stars. And the way was found.
Vila:That ship couldn't carry enough people to establish a new community.
Avon:It could carry dormant cells.
Gan:Genetic banks and brood units, like the projectile we took on board the Liberator.
Avon:Same principle, yes. These seem to be a little more advanced, though.
Avon:And the way was found. Does it go on?
Meegat:Deliverance was prepared. And Kashel, the wise, was satisfied that it was good.
Gan:If there are cells on board that ship, would they still be viable? I mean, could they still be incubated into a new race of men after all these years?
Avon:Theoretically, the fertility span would be unlimited. The brood units would be programmed to activate on landing. If they set it up right, there's no reason it shouldn't still work. [gently] Go on.
Meegat:All that was needed to complete deliverance was the word of Kashel, but our fathers killed him, and the word was forgotten. And so we wait for a new word from beyond the stars. We wait for deliverance. We wait for the nameless Lord whose name shall be spoken by the one who waits. Meegat speaks his name. His name is Avon.
Avon:It's an active power source register.
Vila:That's what I thought. The automatics have closed it down.
Avon:Well, if we could find the manual override, we should be able to reactivate.
Vila:Output control is locked.
Avon:There's a circuit breaker here. Try the output control now.
Vila:It's free.
Gan:The alpha-scheme is registering.
Avon:Take it to level one. See what we get
Vila:No. Nothing showing.
Avon:Then there must be a secondary failsafe. Try it again, Gan.
Gan:It's coming in.
Avon:Take it to level two.
Vila:Level two and we have power.
Avon:Let me see now. [adjusts dial while computers give status]
Gan:It's coming in.
.[the lights come on]
Meegat:Behold Deliverance.
Gan:Do you really believe we could launch that ship?
Avon:If the people who built that ship did their job properly I don't see any reason why not. And it does seem that we have a reputation to live up to.
Vila:Hmm, you certainly do Lord Avon. I wonder why she picked on you.
Avon:Well, now, you are hardly the stuff that gods are made of.
Vila:And you are, I suppose?
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Meegat:I will await your return.
Vila:You'll wait up there by the door?
Gan:If we make it, we'll be back.
Meegat:The Lord Avon will protect you.
Avon:Make sure that it is us before you open the door. The scavengers know about it now.
.[reaches out to touch her cheek but stops himself]
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.[They find subspace communication equipment and are able to contact Liberator. Together, they fire off the rocket.]
Avon:Meegat, I'm sorry you waited so long.
Meegat:Our waiting brought you.
Avon:That seems like a poor reward, somehow.
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Avon:Flight time?
Zen:500 Earth years.
Vila:You won't be a legend in your own lifetime, then.
Gan:Fertility cells wouldn't know about us anyway.
Cally:Meegat does. Did she really think you were a god?
Avon:For awhile.
Blake:How did it feel?
Avon:Don't you know?
Blake:[answering Avon's meaning, not his words] Yes. I don't like the responsibility either.
Avon:[Avon's response is to look at Blake, then leave]

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