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If you remember Arena in Star Trek, you pretty much know this episode. The Liberator is a sitting duck with low energy cells when it's found by Travis and a fleet of Federation ships. A battle commences which is stopped by godlike beings who place Travis and Blake in a forest to continue the fight on their own with primitive weapons, while the Liberator crew watches. Travis is helped by a mutoid and Blake by Jenna.

.[Needing time to recharge their energy batteries, some of the crew join Blake on the planet they're orbiting.]
Zen:Confirmed. The parameters were anticipated.
Blake:I get the distinct feeling that I offended Zen's professional pride.
Avon:It's just a machine, Blake.
Vila:And he should know.
Gan:Well, Avon is the expert.
Vila:That's not what I meant.
Avon:No, he was calling me a machine, but since he undoubtedly defines himself as a human being, I shall choose to accept that as more of a complement than anything else.
Blake:Well, since we've got some time on our hands, we may as well take a look at this planet. Anybody feel like some exercise?
Jenna:    I'll be happy to get clear of this lot for awhile.
Gan:I could do with a change of air. I'll get kitted up.
Vila:I'll stay here, thank you.
Blake:Then you can work the teleport.
.[Avon gets into Vila's space as he takes over Vila's station.]
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.[Attacked by federation pursuit ships, Blake sees their only option to be ramming their way through.]
Avon:Ram it?
Blake:The Liberator should be able to take it.
Avon:I admire your confidence.
Cally:So that will leave only one to deal with.
Blake:Yes, a straight fight. One against one.
Avon:If any of our control systems are damaged by the impact we will be helpless.
Blake:We're not exactly in a commanding position now. Do you have any other ideas? [Avon grabs Blake as bolt hits.]
Avon:As a matter of fact, no I haven't.
Blake:Does that mean you agree?
Avon:Do I have a choice?
Avon:Then I agree. [Avon finally stops holding Blake]

.[Out of nowhere, the ships are stopped just before they would collide, and Blake and Travis appear on the planet with an old and young females of power, the last remaining of a race who loved war and killed their civilization.]
Sinofarn:How many are there in your crew
Blake:There are 6 of us.
Sinofar:And in your ships, Travis?
Sinofar:15 people could die because of your beliefs.
Blake:My crew are with me by their own choice.
Avon:[watching] Really.
Travis:Mine swore allegiance to the federation.
Giroc:I'm sure they're all splendid and loyal and dedicated. I'm sure that you can both find supporters for your cause, and each of you could be backed by massive army, eventually.
Sinofar:Would numbers change your dispute?
Blake:It would not.
Sinofar:What do you say?
Travis:Numbers? Immaterial.
Sinofar:We understand that men will kill for their beliefs.
Giroc:So each of you wishes to destroy the other, and we're going to give you the chance.

Travis:A duel? Is that what you're suggesting?
Giroc:A fight to the death.
Sinofar:But this way there will be a limit to the deaths, and we will ensure that the losers ship has an opportunity to get away. Don't you find that rational?
Travis:No. If I kill Blake, I simply hunt down the others. Sinofar: No. There will be no destruction within our influence. But we cannot control your actions beyond this planet.
Blake:I don't think I want to kill for your entertainment.
Giroc:You have no choice.
Blake:We could agree not to fight.
Travis:Could we?
Giroc:If you trusted one another.
Sinofar:There is another matter. A lesson you must learn about death.
Blake:I think we best know enough about that already.
Sinofar:You both know how to kill. But here you must take a life. There will be no machines to make the act unreal. You must touch the life you take.
Travis:Shall we get on with it?
Giroc:How anxious he is to reach the forest. Once there, you can only return when it's over.
Sinofar:Tools for survival.
Blake:How long have we got?
Sinofar:There is no limit except your physical endurance.
Travis:So this is your lesson? Pathetic.
Giroc:Half is the death of an enemy. The other half is the death of a friend.
Vila:[watching] What does she mean?
Blake:I've seen friends die.
Travis:Nothing concerns me but my duty. I don't give a damn about their lessons. I shall enjoy taking your life, Blake.
Blake:You talk a good fight, Travis.
Sinofar:But now the talking is done. Learn.
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Vila:Have you thought of another plan?
Avon:Yes, I'm going to get some sleep.
Vila:How can you sleep with all this happening?
Avon:All what happening? Blake is sitting up in a tree. Travis is sitting up in another tree. Unless they're planning on throwing nuts at one another, I don't see much of a fight developing before it gets light.
Gan:You're not involved, are you Avon? You ever cared for anyone?
Vila:Except yourself?
Avon:I have never understand why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care, or indeed why it should be necessary to prove it at all. [Avon leaves]
Vila:Was that an insult or did I miss something?
Cally:You missed something.

.[Travis and mutoid are making stake trap to catch Blake]
Vila:Is that what I think it is?
Avon:I don't imagine that it is a recreational aid.
Vila:I cannot see Blake throwing himself on it, however, can you?
Avon:I can't ever see Blake finding the right place.
Gan:How is he supposed to find it? He has nothing to go on, has he?
Cally:I've been watching Blake. He's quartering the area. That's the correct search pattern.
Avon:If it is the correct area.

.[Blake throws Travis down and points the stake at him]
Vila:You've got him.
Gan:Go on, kill him.
.[Avon shakes his head and slightly smiles]
.[Blake throws his spear away; Blake and Jenna appear in the cave area]
Giroc:You fought well, Blake.
Blake:I'm glad you enjoyed it. [sarcastically]
Giroc:Why didn't you kill him?
Blake:Too weak, or maybe I didn't entirely trust your motive. Besides, as long as he's alive he'll be the one chasing me, and I know I can beat him.
Giroc:At least you're not stupid.
Blake:I need time enough to get my ship away and recharge my energy banks.
Sinofar:They have been recharged. I will see that your ship gets away.
Blake:Another reason why I didn't kill him. I would have enjoyed it.
Sinofar:Perhaps there was nothing for you to learn.

Gan:What was she like?
Blake:Of course, you never saw her.
Blake:Thank you. [Gan removes injury from Blake's hand] She was very beautiful, wasn't she, Jenna?
Jenna:Yes, very.
Vila:All we saw was the ugly one. How is it you get all the fun?
Blake:Oh, I don't know. Some of us are born lucky and some... [laughs]

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