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Roj Blake is introduced to his rebel past by someone who had worked with him. Confused by the information that everything he remembers is created memory, Blake walks away to think, and then hides as federation troops arrive and kill the attendees at the rebel meeting. In an attempt to embarrass him with the movement, Blake is convicted as a child molestor and put on a prison ship to Cygnus Alpha, along with Jenna, a smuggler, and Villa, a thief.

Blake:What do you know about my family?
Foster:    I'll come to that. There are other things you should know first.
Blake:Forget the other things. Just what do you know?
Foster:They're dead. Your brother and sister are both dead. I'm sorry. I didn't intend you to hear it like that. They were executed 4 yrs ago, just after your trial.
Blake:Executed? No, that's not true. I hear from them regularly. I had a vistape only a month ago.
Foster:Those tapes are fakes. Part of the treatment to keep your memories suppressed. Now, this isn't going to be easy for you, but I'm going to tell you things about yourself of which you have no memory. Will you hear me out?
Blake:Go on.
Foster:Four years ago, there was a great deal of discontent with the administration. There were many activist groups, but the only one that really meant anything was led by Roj Blake. You and I worked together. We were outlawed and hunted, but we had supporters, and we were making progress. Then someone betrayed us. I still don't know who. You were captured, as were most of our followers. They could have killed you, but that would have given the cause a martyr so, instead, they put you in intensive therapy.
.[Blake remembers his mind therapy]
Foster:They erased areas of your mind. They implanted new ideas. They literally took your mind to pieces and rebuilt it. And when they finished they put you up and you confessed. You said you'd been misguided, asked everyone to support the administration, and round up the traitors. Oh, they did a good job on you. You were very convincing. And then they took you back and erased even that.
Blake:What happened to the others?
Foster:In their benevolence, the federation allowed them to emmigrate to the outer worlds. Like your family, they were executed on arrival.

Vila:You're on your way to the penal colony on Cygnus Alpha, or you will be when the prison ship's refueled. Try to look on the bright side. It must have something. None of the guests have ever left early. In fact, none of them have ever left at all.
Blake: Why are you going there?
Vila:They didn't give me a choice. I steal things. Compulsive, I'm afraid. I've had my head adjusted by some of the best in the business, but it just won't stay adjusted.
Blake:A professional thief.
Vila:More of a passion than a profession. Other people's property comes naturally to me.
Jenna: What's the time?
Vila:[pulls Blake's watch out of his pocket] Just taking care of it for you while you're unconscious. The place is full of criminals.
Blake:[to Jenna] Thanks.

Jenna:Leaving us?
Blake:I hope so. Nothing personal. Why are you here, you didn't tell me?
Jenna:I was trading round the near worlds. I'm a free trader.
Vila:A smuggler. She's a big name. It's an honor to be locked up with her.
Jenna:I'm glad you're pleased.

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