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Scheming to take over the prison ship, Blake talks Avon, convicted of computer fraud, into helping him reprogram the ship's computer. But Blake wasn't expecting the coldbloodedness of the first mate, who begins killing prisoners until Blake gives up. When the prison ship crew try to salvage an abandoned spaceship that protects itself, they decide to send over expendable prisoners. But Blake, Avon and Jenna, a smuggler pilot, are able to escape in their new ship, Liberator.

.[Just loosened from restraints, the prisoners on their way to the prison planet, Cygnus Alpha, become acquainted.]
Vila:Blake, Kerr Avon. When it comes to computers, he's the number 2 man in all the federated worlds.
Nova:    Who's number 1?
Vila:The guy who caught him. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. Jenna, he came close to stealing 5 million credits out of the federation banking system.
Blake:What went wrong?
Avon:I relied on other people. Why all the questions? Or is it merely a thirst for knowledge?

.[Blake, the revolutionary, has a plan to take over the ship. But he needs Avon.]
Blake: If you had access to the computer, could you open the door?
Avon:Of course. Why?
Blake:Just wanted to see how good you really were.
Avon:Don't try to manipulate me, Blake.
Blake:Why should I try to do that?
Avon:You need my help.
Blake:Only if you could open the doors.
Avon:I could open every door, blind all the scanners, lock out the security overrides, and control the computer. Control the computer and you control the ship.
Blake:Then I do need your help. There's a service channel that runs the whole length of the ship. Every compartment has an inspection hatch. Last one opens onto the computer section.
Avon:Give me one good reason why I should help you.
Blake:You're a civilized man, Avon. On Cygnus Alpha that will not be a survival characteristic.
Avon:An intelligent man can adapt.
Blake:Or recognize an alternative.
Avon: I already have one.
Blake:A private deal with the ship's crew to fake the running log? You've had four months to think about that. And it didn't take you that long to figure out that they'd have to kill you to keep you quiet.
Avon:Whereas you are offering me safety.
Blake:I'm offering you the chance of freedom.
Avon:Generous, considering mine will be the more important job.
Blake:You'll do it then?
Avon:You've got an army of five, Blake. Five and him. Do you still think you can take over this ship?
Blake:If you do your bit.

Blake:Are you ready?
Blake:We'll be ready in exactly fifteen. Will that give you enough time? Knock out the scanners and open the doors. We'll do the rest. Good luck
Avon:Good luck has nothing to do with it.
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Blake:Find a way to get back to Earth.
Jenna:Back to Earth?
Blake:Yes, that's where the heart of the federation is. I intend to see that heart torn out.
Avon:I thought that you were probably insane.
Blake:That's possible. They butchered my family, my friends. They murdered my past and gave me tranquillized dreams.
Jenna:At least you're still alive.
Blake:No. Not till free men can think and speak. Not until power is back with the honest man.
Avon:Have you met an honest man?
Jenna:Perhaps. [looking at Blake]
Avon:Listen to me. Wealth is the only reality. The only way to obtain wealth is to take it away from somebody else. Wake up, Blake. You may not be tranquillized any longer, but you're still dreaming.
Jenna:Maybe some dreams are worth having
Avon:You don't really believe that.
Jenna:No, but I'd like to.
Blake:Yes, well you asked me what I was going to do and I told you. What you do is up to yourselves.
Avon:Right. A new identity, a job in the federation banking system. Three months with computers I could lift a hundred million credits and nobody would know where they went. Then let anyone try and touch me.
Blake:And the rest?
Avon:Have the same chance as I have.
Blake:You don't really believe that.
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.[Faced with the crew putting down their mutiny by killing prisoners, one at a time, Blake has given up.]
Jenna:How do you feel?
Avon:So you should. What a fiasco. You could take over the ship you said, if I did my bit. I did my bit and what happened? Your troops bumble around looking for someone to surrender to. Having succeeded, you follow suit.
Jenna:What do you think they'll do to us?
Blake:Something unfriendly.
Jenna:For awhile I really thought we'd made it.
Blake:It was my fault.
Avon:We know
Blake:I'll try and do better next time.
Avon:We had one chance. You wasted it. There won't be a next time.
Jenna:In which case you can die content.
Jenna:Knowing that you were right.

.[An unexpected opportunity opens up for Blake when the prison ship crew try to salvage a deserted spaceship that can protect itself. Blake, Avon and Jenna are considered expendable, but they recognize opportunity when it knocks.]
Blake:Can you pilot her?
Jenna:I just might be able to make her stop and start.
Blake:You've got two minutes. Help her Avon.
Avon:What are you going to do?
Blake:Check the outer hatch in case someone tries to join us.

Jenna:Shall we risk it?
Avon:Why not? [door closes, shutting Blake in and stranding Blake's attacker in the now disconnected tunnel]

Jenna:With this ship we can go anywhere we like.
Blake: Follow the London to Cygnus Alpha. Then we can free the rest of the prisoners. [to Avon] With a ship like this and a full crew then we can start fighting back.

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