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And now they're free to let Avon find Federation torturer Shrinker. How does Avon find Shrinker? He lets himself be captured, and tortured, knowing that eventually he will be tortured by Shrinker. This is determination. When he does find Shrinker, the destiny he's set for him is one of long suffering. He maroons Shrinker in cave from which there's no escape without teleportation, to suffer till he dies. The only escape Avon offers is a gun. Tales of Search for Spock and the Genesis planet!

But it's a sad vengeance because Avon discovers that Anna is still alive, and that she was a Federation agent. Anna raises her gun and so Avon kills the woman he loves. He could use some work on impulse control, but perhaps he felt he had no choice. His response to having killed her, though, is interesting. He becomes suicidal. Avon removes his teleport bracelet and just stays by the body. Servalan intends to kill Avon, but thinks she'll make the crew suffer and tells him to put back on the bracelet. She'll send the crew a dead man. Turns out her timing is a little off, and Avon escapes. But only from her, not from himself. After this, he's even harder.

Shrinker:    It's been sending steadily for 5 days.
Avon:5 days. Is that how long I've been here?
Shrinker:    Your friends aren't coming.
Avon:Oh, they are. They must.
Shrinker:    An attack on this place would be suicide anyway. Is there anyone who thinks that you're worth dying for?
Avon:Not anymore. Not since Anna.
Shrinker:    Anna?
Avon:Dead. Anna is dead.

Shrinker:    You're going to start by telling me your name. Who are you?
Avon:It's Avon. My name is Avon.
Shrinker:    Avon.
Avon:And you misunderstand about the homing device. My friends won't come while it's sending. But now I've switched it off.
Tarrant:And we're here.
Dayna:Still. Stand very, very still.
Shrinker:    How did you get in here?
Tarrant:It's called a teleport.
Shrinker:    You're Blake's people.
Avon:That's right. That's why I couldn't tell your interrogators my name.
Tarrant:What is your name? You look terrible, Avon. What have they been doing to you.
.[Dayna aims her gun at Shrinker; Avon gets in front of it]
Avon:No! Don't kill him. I waited for him.
Shrinker:    How?
Avon:He's mine. [gives Shrinker a karate chop] Bracelets.
Tarrant:[putting a bracelet on Shrinker] Sorry we took so long. A 2 min alert is difficult to sustain over 5 days.
Avon:I thought you'd never show up. Then I thought you would show up.
Dayna:Well, now everyone is showing up. Get a move on.
Dayna:Go. [they teleport out]

Vila:You look terrible.
Avon:So I've been told.
Vila:[handing him a drink] You might need this.
Cally:So you're Shrinker. He doesn't look like much.
Tarrant:It depends on what you paid to get him.
Avon:He cost me enough.
Cally:Was it worth it?
Avon:I'll let you know.
Shrinker:    What are you going to do with me?
Dayna:    He's going to kill you.
Shrinker:    Why me? I haven't done anything.
Tarrant:Oh, don't tell me. Let me guess. You've only ever followed orders.
Shrinker:    It's true.
Tarrant:I believe you. Stand there.
Avon:Is everything ready?
Vila:Just as you said. I set it all up myself.
Cally:Are you sure you want to go on with this?
Avon:Yes, I'm sure I want to go on with it. Look, Cally, I know you don't want any part of this. Right. I'm not going to give you any part of it. You're out. This is mine. I'm doing it.
Cally:And what am I doing, Avon? Just following orders like him.
Shrinker:    She's right. It would be murder.
Vila:Well, you should know, if anyone does.
Avon:I'm going to get cleaned up. Will you entertain my guest?
Tarrant:It will be a pleasure.
Shrinker:    I never saw him before. What have I ever done to him?
Dayna:You killed someone he loves.
Vila:And there aren't many of them about. Avon is not a very lovable man, in case you hadn't noticed.
Shrinker:    Who was it?
Tarrant:Did they give you names when they gave you your orders?
Dayna:And even if they did, could you put a face to the name? One screaming face among so many screaming faces.
Vila:Did they beg, Shrinker? Did they plead? No, Shrinker? Please, Shrinker?
Tarrant:Can you remember how they cried? What they cried? Can you separate the voices now?
Dayna:Or are they just one long, satisfying scream.
Cally:Stop it! All of you! Leave him alone.
Tarrant:He's an animal, Cally.
Cally:Yes, and it's contagious, isn't it?

.[Avon teleports to Earth to ask Servalan for the identity of Bartolomew, the federation agent who Shrinker said killed Anna Grant. He arrives in the midst of a revolt and finds Servalan chained in her basement and demoralized.]
Avon:Who is Bartolomew?
Servalan:    Why?
Avon:Tell me who.
Servalan:    Tell me why.
Tarrant:He killed someone - a girl, Anna Grant.
Servalan:    Anna? Release me. I'll tell you anything you want to know.
.[They're interrupted by the entrance of the wife of Advisor Chesku, who killed her husband and led the rebel raid on the president's residence. Tarrant comes up behind her with a gun.]
Tarrant:That's far enough. Don't.
Avon:Hello, Anna.
Anna:Avon. Avon. Avon. I was afraid they'd kill you. I heard there was someone with Blake, but I didn't dare ask, and I didn't dare let myself hope. Oh, Avon, Avon. [kissing the non-responding Avon] Why didn't you come back for me? What's the matter?
Avon:I didn't come back because you were dead.
Anna:Well, as you can see, I'm not.
Avon:As I can see.
Anna:You don't seem very pleased about it. Of course, it's been a long time. I suppose there's someone else, isn't there? Is there someone else, Avon?
Avon:No, no, there's no one else.
Anna:What's wrong? Why don't you touch me?
Avon:Perhaps because I can't believe that it's you.
Anna:Have I changed so much?
Avon:No. No. Have you, Anna?

Anna:Not the way I feel for you. Nothing's changed since you left me. There hasn't been one single moment when I wasn't alone. I want you to know that. You must see that. Avon, look at me. Look at me.
Shrinker:    [in Avon's memory] Anyone you so much as looked at was marked for collection.
Avon:How did you get away, Anna, that last day - the day I got myself shot. How did you get away?
Anna:I waited for you, and when you didn't come back, I ran.
Shrinker:    Bartolomew was running you.
Avon:Where to? Where did you run to, Anna? Not to your brother. He thinks you're dead. Who hid you, Anna?
Anna:My husband. I didn't love him. He knew that. There was only you. But he wanted me, and I was afraid.
Shrinker:    Bartolomew stayed close, and let you run. Close and let you run. Close and let you run.
Avon:He wasn't Bartolomew, was he?
Servalan:    No, he wasn't. Not even Chesku knew who Bartolomew was. But you do, don't you, Avon?

.[Avon turns and grabs his gun as Anna goes for hers. He fires first, and she falls.]
Avon:[holding Anna] At least that was honest.
Anna:I knew when you found out, you'd kill me.
Avon:Unless you killed me first.
Anna:We were well matched, Avon.
Avon:You weren't even real. Bartolomew, Central Security's best agent. Your colleagues told me that.
Anna:Anna Grant. I was only ever Anna Grant with you.
Avon:Of all of the things I knew myself to be, I never recognized the fool.
Anna:It wasn't all lies. I let you go, my love. [Anna dies]
Avon:[kisses her] Oh, no, you never let me go. You never did.
.[Avon puts Anna onto the floor, removes his teleport bracelet and throws it away.]
Servalan:    Can you convince yourself that that didn't happen, Avon?
.[Avon fires at her chains, breaking it]

.[Vila teleports the others up too fast, and doesn't have the coordinates to put them back to get Avon. Cally calculates.]
Servalan:    Avon. [the now free Servalan holds a gun on him]
Avon:You really think I care?
Servalan:    Put the bracelet on.
Servalan:    Just do it.
.[Avon puts it on, and Servalan walks behind him and caresses his cheek and neck with her gun]
Servalan:    I'm going to send your friends a corpse. Tell them to bring you up.
Avon:Liberator, bring me up.
.[Servalan is distracted by the entrance of a trooper, whom she shoots. She turns back to find Avon gone.]

Avon:Servalan was planning on sending you a corpse.
Vila:Corpse reviver? [handing Avon a glass]
Avon:But rumours of my death...
Tarrant:Have been greatly exaggerated.
Avon:Well, slightly exaggerated, anyway.

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