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Liberator comes upon an artificial planet, whose lifeforms seem to be within it rather than on the surface. For some unexplained reason, Cally teleports herself down and is captured by the Ultras, who are collecting all information for their giant computer brain. The crew teleport down to save her, but get caught themselves. Cally and Avon have their minds transferred into cylinders, and are only saved by Tarrant and Dayna getting the cylinders to replace their memories. The planet turns out to be one giant computer. But when the computer tried to pull information from Liberator, they discover completely random and illogical thoughts from Vila, who is busy teaching riddles to Orac. The brain explodes, and the crew is able to gain access to their ship, which has been locked into the planet. They get it loose and away before the brain distroys the entire planet.

Tarrant:    Why suddenly decide to teleport down to a strange planet.
Vila:Day trip?
Avon:When the planet was on the screen, did anyone notice Cally's reaction?
Vila:I didn't.
Avon:You were too busy teaching Orac nursery rhymes.
Tarrant:Look, this isn't going to get her back. Let's get moving.
Avon:I wouldn't advise it.
Tarrant:Oh, and what would you advise, that we sit around exchanging speculations? You heard the transmissions. Cally's in trouble. She needs help. And in my book, you don't ignore a call from a fellow crewmember.
Tarrant:Meaning I'm going down. Look, if we use the same coordinates, we should find ourselves..
Avon:In the same trouble that Cally's in.
Tarrant:We'll see.
Avon:Wait! That's an artificial planet out there, probably constructed by aliens, certainly unknown and possibly beyond our comprehension. And you are planning to go charging in without knowing what it is like or what to expect.
Vila:You've convinced me.
Dayna:    Which is a pretty strong argument for not waiting a second longer. We can't plan for something of which we have no earthly knowledge.
Avon:Maybe you're right. Let's go.
Tarrant:Touch of conscience?
Avon:More like insanity. You really believe in taking risks, don't you?
Tarrant:Calculated ones.
Avon:Calculated on what - your fingers?

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