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The crew takes advantage of a truce connected with a duel between champions to determine an argument between planets. It's a party atmosphere until it turns out that one of the combatants is Tarrant's brother. Observors of the duel get to wear disks on their forehead that can connect to either one of the champions so that they see everything they see. Tarrant wears a disk for his brother and feels him die, killed by a champion who seems more than human. Tarrant wants revenge and Avon helps him get it by challenging the winner, who is actually an android.

Vila:They're smiling, Orac.
Orac:I fail to see the relevance of that observation.
Vila:Shouldn't they be tired and getting on each other's nerves?
Orac:There is a progressive reduction in conscious attention span, and a growing imbalance in the dynamic structure of the group.
Vila:Is that yes or no?
Orac:Yes. As a result of this, the efficiency rating of the ship as a complete unit is dropping by 1.02 percent per work period. The error quotient bears a delayed inverse relation...
Vila:[Vila turns Orac off] They don't make pain like that any more. What this electronic pain is trying to say is...
Tarrant:    That unless we get a break, there's going to be a fatal foulup.
Avon:Where do you suggest we go, Vila, for this holiday we all need so badly.
Vila:Me? Well, I hadn't really given it much thought.
Avon:I see. You got all that information from Orac from a sense of duty.
Tarrant:Dedication, selfless devotion to the welfare of his comrades.
Vila:What's so strange about that?
Dayna:Where's the party, Vila?
Tarrant:Oh, come on, Vila. Your sales pitch is a failure. Why not just tell us what it is you want to do?
Vila:After Orac told me about the dangerous situation that was developing...
Vila:I did do some checking.
Vila:And one of the things I discovered was that the United Planets of Teal and the Vandor Confederacy are at war.
Dayna:    Oh, what an interesting piece of news, Vila. There's nothing like someone else's war to take your mind off your own.
Tarrant:Are you sure about this?
Vila:Orac picked it up on a routine communications sweep.
Avon:When was the declaration?
Vila:A few hours ago. We've plenty of time to get to the combat grounds.
Tarrant:Zen, [looks to Avon]
Avon:Why not?
Tarrant:I want a course for the planet designated as the combat grounds for the Teal/Vandor Convention.

Avon:Outsiders are welcomed as honored guests, and accorded the status of neutral observers. As long as we abide by the rules of the convention, both sides will protect us.
Tarrant:From all comers, including the federation.

Deeta:[on viewscreen] ...and defend the United Planets of Teal with my blood, for we are in the right.
Vila:I know him, don't I?
Servalan:[acting as the neutral observor] Will you abide by the convention?
Deeta:I will.
Servalan:You are welcome here.
Vila:I'm sure I know him.
Tarrant:I doubt that. He left Earth a long time ago.
Avon:Who is he?
Tarrant:His name is Deeta. He's my brother.

Max:[going through messages] Del Tarrant. Claims to be your brother. His ship is due in about 30 mins. Wants to see you.
Deeta:No. Afterwards, maybe.

Cally:I'll operate the teleport.
Dayna:    Aren't you coming with us?
Cally:I don't think so.
Vila:But we've come to enjoy ourselves, Cally.
Cally:I know.
Vila:Well, how can you enjoy yourself staying here?
Cally:Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that you won't be.
Vila:Thank you! [Vila chases Cally off the flight deck]

Tarrant:Are you Max?
Max:Oh, you startled me.
Tarrant:I'm Del Tarrant.
Max:I can see you're Deeta's brother.
Tarrant:How is Deeta?
Max:He's resting at the moment. How long is it since you've seen him?
Tarrant:Oh, 7 maybe 8 years.
Max:I expect he's changed a bit.
Tarrant:I expect we both have. Why doesn't he want to see me?
Max:Oh, he does, but afterwards.
Tarrant:There may not be an afterwards.

Vila:[on communicator] Are you there, Cally?
Cally:What is it, Vila?
Vila:Dayna and I are ready to come up.
Cally:So soon?
Vila:There's nothing here. Everyone's gone home; everything's closed.
Cally:No joyous multitude?
Vila:No joyous anybody. I've seen more life in a prison blanket.
Cally:What about Avon?
Vila:Gone to visit a sick friend.
Cally:A sick friend?
Vila:That's what he said. And let's face it, any friend of Avon has gotta be sick, right?

Servalan:I'm not in the habit of waiting for couriers.
Avon:[teleports in] Madame President.
Servalan:I see the Orac computer has broken our latest security code.
Avon:A useful gadget worth every penny you almost paid for it.
Servalan:Wasteful of you to let me know the code was broken, surely.
Avon:I thought you'd see me more readily if you thought I was part of the conspiracy.
Servalan:Conspiracy? Oh, Avon, I haven't gone and given myself away again, have I?
Avon:I've been doing a little bit of strategic analysis.
Avon:Somewhere along the line there is going to be a major violation of the convention.
Servalan:Really? Well, I'm glad you warned me, because as neutral arbiter such violations are my concern.
Avon:The result will be total war between the two systems. Real war, not children's games like this. You will let them fight it out for a little while, and your battlefleet will move in to mop up the remnants. For their own good, of course, to prevent further bloodshed and destruction. The civilian populations may even welcome you.
Servalan:What form will this major violation take?
Avon:Do they know that your battle fleet is massed on their borders?
Servalan:Routine maneuvers, and a small demonstration of concern for my safety, which both sides understand and accept.
Avon:Thank you.
Servalan:For what?
Avon:Answering my question.
Servalan:I have nothing to hide.
Avon:Is that why you answered?
Avon:Oh, no, not naturally, madame president. You do not naturally answer a question from an enemy who has no natural right to ask it.
Servalan:But I don't think of you as an enemy, Avon. I think of you as a future friend.
Avon:[pulling her hips to his] Your plan had better be fireproof, Servalan, or I'll see you burn with it. [kisses her] Cally, I'm ready to come up now.
Servalan:[hips still tight against Avon's, Servalan traces his lips with her finger] Threatening an arbiter is a violation, you know.
Avon:So report me. [finally pulls away]
Servalan:I'll overlook it this time. [Avon teleports out. Servalan smiles with the memory.] After all, it's not a major violation.

Dayna:    How is your friend?
Avon:Sick as ever.

Orac:Do you wish me to continue relaying the viscast?
Vila:Yes, we do. It's not exactly thrilling, but it's all there is.
Dayna:    And you came a long way to be thrilled, didn't you, Vila?
Vila:Damn right, I did. And I'm going to be thrilled one way or another. [looks at Dayna] Have a drink, Dayna.
Dayna:    Do you know your most attractive quality, Vila?
Vila:No, what?
Dayna:    Your subtlety.

.[Deeta is shot by his opponent. Vila rips off his disk.]
Deeta:[thinking through the disk] Stupid, stupid of me. He's fast; he's really fast, Del. Del, I'm sorry. I'm afraid the eavesdroppers have to listen, after all. Didn't want a million people in my head when we met. Del, it hurts. I never should have left you. I missed you, little brother.
.[The opponent shoots Deeta again.]
Dayna:    [ripping off the disk that let Del share his brother's thoughts and emotions] Tarrant. Tarrant. I'm sorry, Tarrant.
Tarrant:He should have killed him when he had the chance. Deeta never was very practical.

Avon:Tarrant, I presume you have no tedious scruples about cheating and lying.
Tarrant:None, at all.
Avon:Oh, good.

.[Tarrant claims the right of bloodfeud and challenges his brother's killer. Cally advises him telepathically on the makeup of the combat grounds and the timing. He gets the draw on the android with his back turned, just as his brother did.]
Max:Kill him, Del, kill him now.
Vila:What's he waiting for?
Dayna:    He can't shoot it in the back.
Avon:It's a machine, pull the trigger.
.[the android turns and Tarrant disintegrates it, leaving nothing for the medical team to examine and proclaim as a major violation, thus ruining Servalan's plan]

Avon:Having vaporized the evidence, there is no proof now.
Max:How could they have done it? It's a betrayal of everything, every civilized... How could they have done such a thing?
Avon:Well, if it's any consolation, I don't think they did. Servalan is, undoubtedly, behind it.
Tarrant:She'll have had some help, of course, but not from the high council of Vandor, itself. Not deliberately.
Avon:There's an arms manufacturing cartel that looks promising as a candidate for co- conspirator.
Tarrant:Yes, especially since one of its directors happens to be a member of the high council.
Max:But there is nothing we can do, short of outright war.
Avon:As a matter of fact, our legal advisor, Orac, suggests that as Servalan called for a medical examination that never, in fact, took place, the result of the contest between Vinnie and Deeta is technically void. If you lodge an objection, that contest will have to be fought again.
Max:Of course, I'll get onto it right away.
Avon:Orac has two other suggestions to make. First, you use your veto to get a change of neutral arbiter. Second, you make clear from the outset that Teal will require a medical examination of both contestants, [gesturing] before the fight.
Max:Right. I'll do that. [Max contorts to grab Avon's hand and shake it. He walks away as Avon looks at his hand.]

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