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With Avon back with a vengance, that's exactly the first thing Avon wants - vengeance. The crew agrees to help him punish the man who killed the woman Avon loved. Even when an emergency comes up for Cally on her home planet, Avon is ready to run roughshod over her to singlemindedly exact his revenge. But the crew has more sense and they detour for Cally. Servalan has let loose a disease which is attacking the entire planet, and shows up with the cure. What she wants as a show of their gratitude is the Auron cloning technology to make Servalan clones to be the basis of her future army. When Liberator arrives, Servalan attempts to kill them, and an officer on her ship lies and says that the clones in the building in which Avon and his friends are hiding are not really her clones, but those of his rival commander. Servalan agrees to destroy the building, from which Avon and his people have gone. As it blows up, Servalan feels her children die. The next one to die is the officer who gave her the bad information.

Zen:Destination is the planet Earth.
Cally:Why Earth?
Vila:Why not?
Tarrant:Anywhere else in mind?
Vila:The Himmalayas are quite cool at this time of the year.
Cally:Feeling homesick, are you?
Tarrant:As it happens, it's his idea. There's someone there he wants to eliminate.
Tarrant:One of the federation's para investigators, a notorious thug known as Shrinker.
Avon:One of his victims was a young woman named Anna Grant. She was important to me.
Cally:So it's just revenge you're after?
Avon:Just and sweet.
Cally:You two, you approve of this?
Tarrant:In the absence of a more pressing engagement.
Avon:I am not asking them to kill him.
Cally:But pointless revenge. It doesn't achieve anything.
Vila:We're going home, to Earth. Does it have to matter why?

Cally:Since when does a personal vendetta been a good enough reason for going anywhere?
Avon:The problem with the people of Auron is that they all suffer from a superiority complex.
Vila:You should get on well with them then.
Avon:Too good to get involved with the rest of humanity.
Cally:Not true. Just because we happen to be neutral doesn't mean.
Avon:Neutrality or pacifism. It all boils down to the same gutless humanity.
Cally:You're wrong.
Vila:Gutless humanity, I like it. What's it mean?
Cally:Some of us wanted to participate in galactic affairs.
Dayna:    So what happened? Were you overruled?
Avon:The great passive majority psyched them into line. Telepathic communion is a wonderful thing.
Cally:I joined a group of freedom fighters.
Tarrant:On Auron?
Cally:No, defending the planet Saurian Major from the federation.
Tarrant:The federation won, of course.
Cally:Yes. I do try, though. We're not all gutless, you see.
Vila:And the Aurons punished you for your defiance, didn't they?
Tarrant:Were you exiled?
Cally:Yes. Why do you imagine I've never gone back. Affection for him? [looks at Avon]
.[Avon looks up, and everyone else tries to ignore the tension]

Avon:This is crass stupidity.
Tarrant:Not from Cally's side of the scale.
Avon:Emotional ties. We cannot risk the Liberator for sentiment.
Tarrant:As long as Cally is part of this crew, she has full call on your loyalty and support, no matter what the risks.
Avon:You are forgetting that the Aurons rejected her. They sent her into exile.
Tarrant:You were exiled from Earth.
Avon:I go back as an executioner.
Tarrant:And you really believe that revenge should rate a higher priority than mercy.
Avon:Alright. We will consult Orac.

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