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The Keeper Star One Aftermath

Liberator is finally on its way to destroy Star One. Blake is challenged with the fact that the computer controls weather and a myrid of other functions that will cause many to die if he destroys it. But Blake can't face reason. He's been searching too long to find it and he needs to prove that he was right - that all their sacrifices have not been in vain. But what they find at the computer center is a group of aliens masquerading as humans, and Travis arriving for the final act - the lifting of the defense zone to allow in an alien invasion. Travis injures Blake, and Avon kills Travis, but now Blake realizes they need to defuse their bombs because society will need the computer center to fight the aliens. Jenna has seen the invasion fleet and comes to the same decision - telling Servalan about the aliens. The injured Blake now lays the responsibility on Avon to fight the alien fleet until the federation's fleet has time to get there.

Blake:What do you think, Jenna?
Jenna:It's riskier than it looks. These coordinates are not precise enough. And however they built Star One, it's not going to be so big that we can't miss it.
Blake:We'll probably have to search.
Jenna:    It's a long way out, Blake. A long way from the edge of the galaxy.
Cally:It's infinity. You're asking us to plunge out into infinity.
Blake:Now come on, Cally. That's a slight exaggeration.
Cally:Is it? What? The space between the island galaxies? It's the nearest we'll come to infinity before we die.
Jenna:If anything goes wrong out there, we won't have a prayer because nothing and nobody goes out that far.
Vila:I hadn't thought of it like that.
Blake:The federation went out there.
Vila:We've only got Lurgan's word for that, and we didn't even get it first hand.
Avon: There is only Lurgan's word. Everyone else is either dead or amnesiac. One clue. Just one. And we have got it. Why are you listening to this drivel, Blake? We can take Star One. Let's get on with it.
Jenna:Very stirring. When did you become a believer?
Avon:Are you just going to sit there? You have led them by the nose before.
Blake:Excuse me, are you going to answer her question?
Avon:Show me someone who believes in anything, and I'll show you a fool.
Blake:I meant what I said on Goth, Avon. We are not going to use Star One to rule the federation. We are going to destroy it.
Avon:I never doubted that. I never doubted your fanaticism. As far as I am concerned, you can destroy whatever you like. You can stir up a thousand revolutions. You can wade in blood up to your armpits. Oh, and you can lead the rabble to victory, whatever that might mean. Just so long as there is an end to it. When Star One is gone, it is finished, Blake. And I want it finished. I want it over and done with. I want to be free.

Cally:But you are free now, Avon.
Avon:I want to be free of HIM.
Blake:I never realized. You really do hate me, don't you?
Avon:When we have dealt with Star One, I will take you back to Earth and then the Liberator is mine. Agreed?
Blake:Agreed, assuming the others go along with it.
Jenna:Why should we?
Vila:Yes, why should we? It's all a bit highhanded if you ask me.
Zen:Liberator is approaching sector 9. Navigtaion computers now require further instructions.
Blake:Well, do we look for Star One?
Jenna:We'll finish what we set out to do. Nothing else is settled.
Cally:Are we fanatics?
Blake:Does it matter?
Cally:Many, many people will die without Star One.
Blake:I know.
Cally:Are you sure that what we're going to do is justified?
Blake:It has to be. Don't you see, Cally, if we stop now then all we have done is senseless killing and destruction, without purpose, without reason. We have to win. It's the only way I can be sure that I was right.
Cally:That you were right?

Jenna:Stationary orbit is established and confirmed.
Blake:Teleport, Vila.
Avon:[pausing before following them] Yes?
Jenna:Watch yourselves. Blake's rushing things. I get the feeling that he's not giving himself time to think.
Avon:Blake is an idealist, Jenna. He cannot afford to think.

Avon:Hold it. Touch that and I'll drop you where you stand. Well, now, Travis. Fancy meeting you here.
Travis:Put the gun down, Avon. It's too late to stop it now.
Avon:Convince me.
Travis:Be polite, and I may let you live.
Avon:Be informative, and I may let you die. You'll want that, after I've shot off an arm, and a leg or two.
Travis:I thought you were supposed to be the one with brains.
Avon:Brains, but no heart. Now talk or scream, Travis. The choice is yours.

.[Jenna and Vila recognize alien spaceships poised on the other side of a federation defense area filled with mines]
Vila:Why are they just sitting there?
Jenna:They're waiting for someone to clear that defense zone.
Vila:Do you think Blake knows what's happening? Why hasn't he come back yet? What are we supposed to do, Jenna?
Jenna:Give the alarm.
Vila:Terrific idea. Who do you suggest we tell?
Jenna:[Federation President] Servalan.
Vila:Well, now, wait a minute.
Jenna:I just hope Blake understands why we betrayed him. Orac, I want you to punch through a message to the strategy computer in Space Command Headquarters. I want you to tell it that there's an alien battle fleet estimated at 600 ships about to enter federation space. Give it these coordinates. Tell them that the information comes from Blake on the Liberator. Can you do that, Orac?
Orac:I would remind you that I am not a communicator.
Jenna:Your carrier beam is the fastest way to contact Servalan.
Orac:That is not the purpose for which it was developed.
Vila:Do it, you useless bunch of junk. You got us into this mess. "No cause for alarm," you said, or have you forgotten.
Orac:I have passed the message, as you requested. The Space Command strategy computer is now registering the data.

Cally:[upon finding the wounded Blake] Avon!
Avon:How bad is he?
Cally:Bad enough.
Blake:Is he dead, Avon? Is Travis dead?
.[Travis gets up for another shot at Blake and Avon kills him]
Avon:He is now. Are you?
Blake:I've had better days.
Cally:We must get him back to the ship.
Blake:No. The aliens were closing down the defense zone. There must be a fleet out there. We must warn the federation.
Cally:From the ship.
Blake:The charges, Cally. We cannot blow this place up. Humanity is going to need all the resources it can get.
Cally:All the charges are set, Blake. They'll blow in 10 mins. We can't stop them now. They're primed. It's too late.
Blake:Well, get them out onto the surface.
Avon:In 10 mins?
Blake:Try, Cally. Help her, Avon.
Avon:[to Lurena] You. Do what you can for him.

Avon:I gave him my word.
Vila:To fight off that fleet until the federation get here.
Avon:That is what I promised.
Jenna:Why, Avon?
Avon:Why not?
Cally:They're underway. They're moving toward the gap in the defense zone.
Avon:Zen, put it on visual.
Jenna:Zen, battle computers to calculate intercept courses and strike ranges.
Vila:Put up the radiation flare shield. Clear the neutron blasters for firing.
Zen:Neutron blasters are cleared for firing.
Avon:Zen, put up the force wall.
.[a bandaged Blake appears on the flight deck. Avon goes to him.]
Avon:Why didn't you stay in the medical unit? Couldn't you bring yourself to trust me just this once?
Blake:I thought I might be able to help.
Avon:In that condition?
Blake:Alright, I'll go back.
Avon:Can you manage? Alone?
Blake:Yes. Avon. For what it is worth, I have always trusted you. From the very beginning.
.[Avon returns to his position as the alien fleet approaches]

Jenna:1 min to strike range.
Vila:We can't hold all of them.
Jenna:They can't all come thru that gap at once.
Avon:Standby to fire.
Orac:Avon, this is stupid.
Avon:When did that ever stop us. Fire!

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