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When Avon and Dayna are teleported to Liberator, they discover that it has been boarded by a Federation crew led by Captain Del Tarrant. Liberator won't respond to their commands, and they want to find out of it will respond to Avon or Dayna, but a happy fight leaves them unconscious, and they escape before they can be tested. While they're playing hide and seek, some of Tarrant's men are murdered. The ship, meanwhile, is going to pick up Vila and Cally from a hospital ship, and they are teleported just before they would have been been turned into spare human parts. Jenna and Blake both survived their escapes in their capsules, but the trail to them is lost. The murderer of the Federation crew turns out to be Tarrant, himself, who was no longer in the Federation service, but whose ship was lost in the first battle with the alien fleet. He and Dayna join Avon as members of the Liberator crew.

Avon:Zen, I want a status check. Keep it down to basics. I don't have much time.
Zen:All systems are fully operational. Computers are responding to a program of search, locate and recovery.
Avon:Have you anything on Blake's whereabouts?
Zen:His last voice transmission reported that he is safe, well, and enroute for the planet Epheron.
Zen:It is a planet of the system Loritel. It has several primitive lifeforms.
Avon:Don't give me the whole thing. I'll punch up the reference. What about the others?
Zen:Jenna received superficial injuries in a life capsule malfunction.
Avon:Is she alright?
Zen:She reports she is well, and aboard a neutral cargo carrier in transit to the planet Morphenial. She advises that her situation requires no priority treatment.
Zen:No contact.
Zen:He is injured and, according to his last tranmission, in grave peril. Accordingly, his recovery has been given maximum priority.
Avon:Where is he?
Zen:The planet Chenga. Teleport range will be achieved in precisely 3 hrs and 8.5 mins.
Avon:Alright. Continue recovery program.

Avon:Who are you?
Tarrant:I've been on the Federation wanted list for quite a while. I had my own ship. I was running contraband, getting myself mixed up in other people's wars - you know the sort of thing. Naturally I heard something of what Blake and the rest of you were doing.
Avon:We tried not to keep it a secret. How did you get here?
Tarrant:Like you, I went in against the aliens, unlike you I barely survived the first salvo. I was picked up by a Federation ship. That's how I came by the uniform, when she was hit and we abandoned my life capsule. We homed in on the Liberator. She was still in bad shape but the repair circuits were beginning to make headway.

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