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Avon is following the rumors of Blake being seen on Obsidian, a planet ruled by a friend of Dayna's father, but they discover the rumor to be false, and their presence is betrayed to Servalan. They're hoping to discover a planet that can serve as a base, but Obsidian is a planet of peace protected by its intention to blow itself up if they would be invaded. They are. And they do.

Avon:Dayna says the people are friendly, but then sometimes one's friends can be more of a liability than one's enemies.
Vila:They're gonna check out that rumor, too, don't forget.
Avon:That Blake was here? It's getting to be a fairly common rumor. We could spend the rest of our lives chasing down the ones that we've picked up so far.
Cally:Still, now we're here.
Avon:Now we're here.

Commander:    Why should they land there? I mean, what's so special about the planet Obsidian?
Servalan:They are investigating its strategic value, which is real, and a rumor, which is not.

Avon:Zen was picking up a signal from the ground. It could have been some kind of beam approach detector.
Cally:You didn't say anything at the time.
Avon:No, I didn't.
Cally:Why was that?
Avon:Because I wasn't sure.
Cally:That wasn't the reason, Avon?
Avon:No, it wasn't.
Vila:You gonna let me in on the secret?
Avon:You wouldn't understand it if we did.
Vila:My classification might be grade 4 ignorant, but I'm not stupid. I bought that classification from a friend of the testing center. I didn't want to be a space captain, now did I? I was right. They all ended up getting killed, didn't they?
Cally:Tarrant survived.
Vila:Oh, yes, and says he was a space captain, but then he says a lot of things. You don't have to believe it all, do you?
Avon:I would be more inclined to believe that he was a captain, then that you could have been.
Vila:Well, never mind about me. It's Tarrant that you should be worried about, and not just because he's been out of contact for an hour.
Cally:And what about Dayna, don't you trust her either?
Vila:Dayna's a different case entirely.
Cally:Well, she's pretty, for one thing.
Vila:Pretty? Yes, I suppose she is. I hadn't really noticed.
Avon:We've seen you not really noticing. Frequently.

.[Dayna's father was a friend of the leader of this planet's son. They've come looking for Blake and for a home base.]
Son:Then why do you come here?
Tarrant:Surely we're not the first.
Son:What do you mean?
Dayna:    A man called Blake, hasn't he contacted you? We heard he'd been here.
Son:No one has been here.
Tarrant:We need a planet as a home base, somewhere that's not been ruined by the war. And we need recruits. This might do. You're situated in a very important strategic position.

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