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Dawn of the Gods Harvest of Kairos City at the Edge of the World

Servalan is still determined to capture Liberator, since she is now in need of such an advanced technology, the alien invasion having been so destructive of the Federation's might. But a laborer, Jarvis, brags that he could capture the ship with 3 pursuit ships. Jarvis is actually Tarrant's former captain, but he's left the service and is self-confident enough to interest Servalan. She gives him the ships, and he does capture Liberator, but when she would kill Dayna, Jarvis gets in the way and is, himself, killed. Avon gets Liberator back by using a strange rock that has the property of seeming to be whatever the observor is, just better. Servalan believes she's being attacked by a ship more powerful than Liberator, and teleports off.

Cally:Avon, I can't.
Cally:It's my mother, my father. I don't know.
Avon:Cally, your mother and father are dead. It's an illusion. Tell yourself that this is a rock.
Cally:But it's not. It's alive.
Avon:Orac, is the rock Sophron alive?
Cally:But it's sitting there thinking.
Orac:It's powered by a sophisticated technology, and the programming does bear a similarity to the mental processes, but this is not thinking in the accepted sense.
Cally:It is. It is, Avon. I don't like it.
Avon:Cally. [Avon grabs Cally by the arms as Tarrant walks in and pulls Cally away from Avon.
Tarrant:    Is this the time or the place? That thing has warped your reason, Avon. It's even warped your notorious instinct for looking after Number 1. We are in danger. Can't you understand that?
Avon:I understand that this ship is the most powerful in the galaxy, and that you are the most astute space warfare commander.
.[Tarrant leaves with Cally]
Avon:Or so you tell us often enough.

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