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Harvest of Kairos City at the Edge of the World Children of Auron

Liberator is in need of energy crystals, and Tarrant bullies Vila into using his skills to open a vault, as a trade for the needed crystals. But rather than being wanted by the innocuous inhabitants of the planet, Vila's skills are actually wanted by the outlaw Bayban, who leaves his lovely assistant, Kerril, to watch Vila. Vila manages to open the vault into a doorway into a beautiful planet. This was what the people were waiting for, and the whole population troops through the doorway. Kerril has fallen in love with Vila, and asks him to leave Liberator and go into the world with her, but he chooses to return to his crewmates with the crystals, and the doorway is accidentally closed by Bayben's weaponry This is the end of Tarrant's implicit takeover of command. Thank goodness.

Tarrant:    Come on, Vila, you don't mean that.
Vila:I know what I mean, and what I mean is no.
Tarrant:At least think about it. Think about it.
Vila:Alright, I've thought about it. No.
Tarrant:I can't make you go, of course.
Vila:Right, you can't.
Tarrant:But I can toss you off this ship.
Tarrant:You're of no use to me.
Vila:I don't have to be any use to you. I was here first. I was with Blake. I have more right on this ship than you have.
Tarrant:Right? No one survives as long as you have, Vila, without learning the facts of life?
Vila:The facts of life are
Tarrant:That I can dump you any time I like. The others wouldn't stop me, and you couldn't, could you? So I suggest you reconsider your decision. But don't take too long. I'm not a patient man.
Vila:All my life, for as long as I can remember, there's been people like you.
Tarrant:I thought I was unique.
Vila:You're not even unusual, Tarrant. I'll need my equipment.
Tarrant:I'll get it for you.
Vila:You stay here. Check the teleport coordinates. At least you can't bully a machine into doing what you want.
.[Vila leaves and Cally arrives in teleport area]
Cally:What's wrong with Vila?
Tarrant:I scared him a little.
Cally:That must have been difficult.
Tarrant:I had no choice, Cally. We've got to have those crystals for the weaponry system.
Cally:So we do a swap? They give us the crystals; we give them Vila?
Tarrant:They only want his help.
Cally:Then why are they insisting that he goes down alone?
Tarrant:I don't know. Maybe outsiders make them nervous.
Tarrant:Me? Who could be nervous of me?
Cally:Only Vila, it seems.
Tarrant:We have no reason to think they'll harm him.
Avon:[just arriving] And less reason to care. [to Cally] Have you got the locator?
Tarrant:What locator? They stipulated no surveillance devices.
Avon:So you said.
Tarrant:I gave them my word.
Avon:You didn't give them mine.
Tarrant:Now you tell me.
Avon:Are you seriously suggesting that we send him down there without a tracer?
Tarrant:No. I'm seriously suggesting we try and make sure they don't detect it.
Avon:They won't. [to Orac] Well?
Orac:Well is not a question.
Avon:Is it working?
Orac:The tracer is between the index and second finger of your left hand.
Avon:Thank you, Orac.
Vila:Let's get on with it, then.

Avon:No last minute protests? No sudden illnesses?
Vila:Look, I have to go down. He made that very clear, but I don't have to take any rubbish about it from you. Alright?
Avon:Alright. Take this.
Vila:What is it? Slow acting poison?
Avon:It's a tracer. Orac can detect it and tell us exactly where you are at any time.
Vila:I'm not swallowing that.
Avon:It's perfectly harmless. It dissolves eventually.
Vila:Your hands clean?
Avon:Take it. Orac, have you found us a name for this place yet?
Orac:No definite records exist. I have, however, found an obscure archeological treatise, which suggests the ancestors of the present inhabitants may have called their planet Kizan.
Vila:Wonderful. I'm going to die on a planet that doesn't even have a name anymore.
Vila:Does it make any difference?
Tarrant:They're simple, completely unagressive people, Vila. You'll be quite safe.
Vila:I only have your word for that.
Tarrant:Trust me.
Vila:Yeah. Put me down.
Avon:I don't know how you persuaded him to go, Tarrant.
Tarrant:I appealed to his better nature.
Avon:He hasn't got one. Leave him alone in future.
Avon:Do you want me to threaten you?
Tarrant:Why not? I haven't had a good laugh in ages.
Avon:Sensible. You could die laughing.
Cally:Why are you suddenly so protective towards Vila?
Avon:He's irritating, but he's useful. We can easily replace a pilot, but a talented thief is rare.
Tarrant:I'd agree with that, so?
Avon:So frighten him too much, he's no use to anyone.
Tarrant:He wasn't that frightened.
Cally:He was terrified, so terrified he might just get himself killed because it's easier than going on.
Tarrant:I'll take that risk?
Cally:It isn't yours to take.
Tarrant:Look, without those crystals, the main blasters are useless. Do you like being helpless, Cally?
Cally:I don't know. I've never tried it.
Vila:[on communicator] Liberator? Come in, Liberator.
Avon:Yes, Vila.
Vila:The crystals are here. You can come and get them now.
Avon:Well done, Vila.

Dayna:    [handing Cally a weapon] Cally, killing range is only 200, so aim for the whites of their eyes.
Tarrant:No mentioning in mentioning that you're supposed to be unarmed.
Cally:Put me down. [they do] Down and safe. There's no one here.
Tarrant:[on communicator] Are you sure, Cally?
Cally:Unless they're hiding, but why should they hide.
Tarrant:I don't know. Maybe outsiders...
Cally:Make them nervous? Yes, you said. I'm beginning to wonder how you managed to negotiate with them at all.
Tarrant:Any sign of the box of crystals?
Cally:Not yet.
Tarrant:Keep looking.

Kerril:Are you coming with me?
Vila:I can't.
Kerril:Why not? It's a chance to be free. You saw that place. It's beautiful.
Vila:But there's nothing there worth stealing. No, listen. You know why I neutralize security systems, open safes, and break into vaults? It's because I can, and most people can't.
Kerril:To satisfy your ego?
Vila:Not really. It's just it's what makes me me. Kerril, a thief isn't what I am, it's who I am.
Kerril:Forget it.
Vila:You wouldn't like what was left of me.
Kerril:What makes you think I like you at all?
Vila:You can't like someone without their liking you back, and I like you, Kerril. More than anything. More than anyone I've ever known.
Kerril:The difference is I love you.

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