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Servalan has been lured to Sardos because the Federation deserters on the planet want to use their matter replicators on her spaceship to create a fleet of ships for themselves. Liberator has been following Servalan until she disappears behind the energy barrier. It's also stopping teleporting, so Vila and Tarrant teleport into a troop transport that is passing them. Vila appears in the troop area and makes a friend who is a lot nicer to him than Tarrant has been lately. But with Avon and Dayna finally succeeding in teleporting down, Vila ends up freeing his friends, unfortunately including Tarrant, and Vila's friend is killed. Their ship is almost lost to the creature that controls the planet, but the teleport brings only the organic part of the creature, not its life support system. Talk about getting yuck on your floor!

Vila:Listen, Tarrent, will you just stop shoving me around? I've had enough.
Tarrant:Alright. I'm very sorry for pushing you around, and I'm sorry for hitting your pal. Now can we get on with the job?
Vila:You just don't understand, do you?
Tarrant:I understand this much - Servalan's down here for a reason. I want to find out what that reason is, and then I want to kill her. It's all very simple.
Vila:You have to do what you think is best, don't you? Well, so do I.
Tarrant:[pulling out a gun] One way or another, you're coming with me.
Vila:If it comes down to that, Tarrant, there really isn't a lot of point, is there?

Avon:We shouldn't have made him go.
Cally:He's a free man. He didn't have to go if he didn't want to.
Avon:He was under pressure. It's all very well for Tarrant to play the hero. That's his decision. But Vila...
Cally:If he wants to come up, he's only to say the word.
Avon:Using a medium pulse communicator through a medium pulse energy block?
Cally:He knows how to change the frequency.
Avon:He may not have time, and what if he does?
Cally:We bring him up.
Avon:By teleport.
Cally:By teleport using a short pulse only beam. I know how to do it.
Avon:You've never done it before.
Cally:We've never been in a situation like this before.

.[Avon screams at the pain which is being inflicted on his injured wrist]
Dayna:    Alright, enough! We're from the Liberator.
Bad Guy:    The Liberator? That's Blake's ship.
Avon:He liked to think so.
Bad Guy:And why did you come here?
Avon:I wish I knew.

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