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The crew gets taken on a ride when Orac becomes curious about a black hole with interesting characteristics. What's on the other side is a strange Bermuda triangle of sucked in ships, that is ruled by the Thaarn, a figure of childhood stories from Cally's planet of Auron. He wants her to stay with him so that he won't be alone. She tricks him and they are able to escape.

.[Being insatiably curious, Orac has reprogrammed the navigation computers to get a look at a black hole that doesn't let out xray beams. The fact that he'll be destroyed, along with the ship, when it gets pulled into the black hole hasn't seemed to dim his curiosity. The ship begins to distort with the speed. Avon crawls to a space suit in an attempt to save his own life. Tarrant crawls after to stop him.]
Tarrant:    No, Avon. We'll all go together. You hear, together!
Orac:Fascinating, fascinating.
Tarrant:We'll all go together.
Avon:There is a faint chance for one of us.
.[Everyone faints]
Tarrant:Avon, Avon.
Avon:What happened?
Tarrant:It looks as if we survived the spaceshot orbit.
Avon:I would have said impossible. Would have said. [Vila starts to waken] Our hero lives.
Tarrant:At least he didn't try to get into a spacesuit.
Avon:I look upon self interest as my great strength. [goes over to Vila] Vila.
Tarrant:One day, Avon, I may have to kill you.
Avon:It has been tried. Vila, wake up.
Vila:[opens his eyes to see 7 Avons] I'm in hell, and it's full of Avons.

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