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Shadow Weapon Horizon

Servalan and Travis are working with the Clone Mistress to create a clone Blake for a new plot of Servalan's. Travis just likes getting to shoot a clone Blake. Servalan needs the clone to trick an escaped scientist into giving up his stolen weapon. Impac can mark a person and then blow them up at any time across huge distances. The scientist gives up his weapon to the clone, who immediately gives it to Servalan and Travis. Servalan marks Blake when he arrives and expects the fun of blowing him up, but the clone and the slave girl take back the weapon and mark Servalan, too, warning her to keep far away from them. Well, at least one version of Blake isn't going to be lonely anymore.

Avon:Orac has just come up with the computation and attack strategy that he asked for.
Gan:What attack strategy?
Avon:Exactly. Another of Blake's little schemes he hasn't thought fit to tell us about. You're not going to believe the target he has in mind.
Cally:The federation weapons development base?
Avon:That's right.
Jenna:He obviously thought fit to tell someone about it.
Cally:Well, not exactly. I suggested it to him.
Jenna:    You suggested it to him. That's very keen of you.
Vila:Why didn't you suggest it to us?
Cally:Because I knew how you'd react.
Avon:Auron may be different, Cally, but on Earth it is considered ill-mannered to kill your friends while committing suicide.
Gan:Why that base, Cally?
Cally:Sooner or later, Blake is going to attack Federation Central Control on Earth, itself.
Vila:Later, much later.
Avon:And alone, probably.
Jenna:I doubt that.
Gan:He wouldn't be alone if you just left him, Avon.
Avon:You would stay with him?
Avon:Virtually alone then.

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