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Killer Hostage Countdown

Travis has captured Blake's cousin Inga and uses her to bring Blake. Travis explains he wants to join Blake now that he's on the run, but Blake doesn't believe him, with good reason. What Travis is after is the Liberator, and he's turned Blake's uncle to help by threatening Blake's cousin. After Blake teleports down to save Inga, Avon announces, to everyone's shock, that he's going down to help. Turns out he's sent word to Servalan to get her to do in Travis before they arrive, thinking that would save Blake from the danger. Travis wins from Vila the information on how to use the teleport, and his henchman teleports up, only to be tricked and teleported into space by Jenna, giving yet another wonderful explosion.

Cally:So it's very cold down there, and you'll be short of oxygen on the higher ground. So move slowly and conserve your energy.
Avon:Better still, don't go at all.
Vila:At least don't go alone, not again. Let one of us go down with you.
Avon:Are you volunteering?
Blake:Thanks for the offer anyway.
Blake:Why? We're approaching orbit.
Avon:At least let me make sure that there are no federation pursuit ships around.
Blake:Why should there be?
Avon:Why shouldn't there be?
Blake:Zen, any sign of a pursuit ship?
Zen:Negative on main detectors.
Avon:What happens if they arrive while you're down there?
Blake:Then you'll have to leave me down there.
Avon:That could happen.
Blake:I know. What's the matter with you, Avon?
Avon:I'm just reminding you, that's all. You are still assuming that we will risk our lives for you.

Avon:I'm going down.
Avon:I said I'm going down. Vila, come and operate the teleport.
Vila:Did you hear that?
Jenna:Yes, but I don't believe it. Why?
Avon:Blake may need some help.
Vila:And that concerns you?
Jenna:    But you've been against it all until now.
Avon:I know, but I'm still going down. Vila?
Jenna:[to Cally] You know what all this is about, don't you?
Cally:I think I can guess.
Jenna:It is a trap, isn't it?
Cally:Avon thinks so.
Jenna:Well, Avon always thinks so.
Cally:This time he feels responsible.
Jenna:Well, why should Avon feel responsible?
Cally:There can only be one reason.

Vila:Is that the old man, Blake's uncle or whatever?
Avon:Yes, it is. I don't trust him.
Vila:Why not?
Avon:When he saw Blake go, he had a limp. When he went back into the cave, he didn't have a limp.
Vila:Perhaps he's a fast healer.
Avon:I think Blake's in trouble. I'm going after him. You stay. If the old man tries to go up the trail, stop him.
Avon:Kill him.
Vila:Oh, marvelous, kill Blake's old uncle.
Avon:Keep under cover.
Vila:Yes, yes.
Avon:Stay alert. Talk to the Liberator every ten minutes.
Vila:Yes, yes. I'm freezing.
Avon:Well, freeze in silence.

Avon:Blake, listen.
Blake:Sit down, don't talk, save oxygen.
Avon:Listen. I sent a message to Space Command Headquarters - to Servalan - that Travis was here.
Blake:You did what?
Avon:I set the dogs on Travis. What's so strange about that?
Avon:It seemed the only rational thing to do. I thought they would get here ahead of us, get Travis and save us the trouble.

.[Avon is shot by Travis and Blake runs to hold him]
Blake:Let me look.
Avon:Leave me, watch yourself.
Blake:We've got to get you back to the Liberator.
Avon:Leave me.
Blake:Come on.

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