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Blake suddenly and secretly changes their destination from a rest planet to an abandoned mining asteroid. The crew discover that he's being controlled by a trigger put into his mind during the memory rebuilding. They try to restrain him, but Blake talks Vila into freeing him and teleports down to the asteroid, where he finds a group of revolutionaries who want him to come with them to become the head of the revolution. But unknown to them, the badly injured rebel is actually Travis, and the meeting they're attending has been canceled by Servalan, who was setting them up.

.[Vila runs into exercise room to tell crew that Blake has changed course from Del 10, a rest stop, to PK118, an unknown small asteroid; they rush onto flight deck to find out what's going on.]
Vila:What about Del 10?
Jenna:    What about the beta particles?
Blake:They can wait.
Jenna:But why this asteroid?
Avon:Zen, details of destination.
Zen:Asteroid PK118, diameter of 0.102 spatials. It was removed from Seeren orbit 5 years ago for Hurite ore extraction. Mined out in 2 years and discarded in Beta region. Life support system installed by mining company, presumed still functional.
Jenna:Blake, what about Del 10?
Avon:Why are we diverting to some discarded rock? Any reason, Blake, or just a whim, a guessing game perhaps.
Blake:Priority mission.
Blake:I command this ship.
Avon:Do you indeed?
Jenna:You lead. We don't take commands.
Vila:You've always explained, given us reasons for things.
Avon:When he had any.
Blake:This time I choose not to.
Jenna:Blake, if you..
Blake:Why not just try trusting me. [leaves]
Cally:What is this priority of his?
Avon:Exactly. He's used a number of ploys to get his way, but "Just try trusting me." That's weak even by his standards.
Jenna:But why? Is he sick do you think?
Avon:Space fatigue?
Cally:No symptoms of hallucination.
Avon:Well, he's certainly not normal. Not even for Blake. Let's find out. Come on, Cally.

Cally:Are you alright?
Jenna:He's a hard man to rescue when he doesn't want to be rescued.
Avon:More to the point, are you yourself?
Blake:What happened? Why aren't we at Del 10? What's going on, Avon?
Avon:Why don't you just say, "Thank you." nicely.
Blake:Well, what are we all standing around for, or is the federation disappeared? Our problem is to find Star One, if you hadn't forgotten. [leaves teleport area]
Avon:I'm sorry to have to inform you that he is himself, alright.

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