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Weapon Horizon Pressure Point

Blake and Jenna are captured on Horizon and sent to work in the mines. Gan and Vila go down to help but also get captured. Cally also goes down but is also captured, This is Avon's opportunity to do what he always says he wants to do - leave. But, instead, he goes down to save his friends. Blake convinces the young king that the federation, in the presence of the Kommissar, played by William Squires, who plays the spymaster on Callan, has killed his father and is not a benevolent force. Ro kills the Kommissar, taking the first step toward freeing his planet from the federation.

Blake:    [taking drink from Cally] Thank you. Tell me the bad news first.
Cally:Your headaches are from the same source as Vila's stomach cramps and Avon's back pains - over-stress.
Blake:Rubbish. I'm alright.
Cally:No, you're not. None of us are. We're all in an early stage of fatigue shock - too many crises; too many calls on our physical and mental reserves. All of us are dangerously exhausted.

Blake:Cally, what's the medical situation?
Cally:I've told you. We're all over-stressed. We've been in space flight and space crises a long time.
Blake:Well, what about the old adrenalin and soma?
Cally:Well, that's the trouble. We're practically living on it. What we need is some natural relaxants. Non-stress situations for a start. You know, we still have nervous systems.
Blake:I wonder what Horizon's like. It might be just what we need.

Jenna:Why exactly are we going down?
Blake:Resistance needs a base, Jenna. Thank you. [takes teleport bracelet] Somewhere to operate from.
Jenna:And this could be it?
Blake:It's as good as any other. We know the federation only visits once a year. It's on the edge of the spiral rim. Oh, hell, I'm tired of running, Jenna. We must get at least one planet behind us.
Jenna:Why are you taking me with you?
Blake:I trust you to back me.
Jenna:Thanks. But there's more to it than that. You were very deliberate.
Blake:Covering the angles.
Jenna:How do you mean?
Blake:Avon might run. And he probably won't without a first class pilot. He plays the percentages.
Jenna:Unlike you?
Avon:[who has eavesdropped on this last conversation] I'm ready if you are.
Blake:Put us down.

Cally:I think they're in trouble.
Avon:You just think so?
Cally:I feel it.
Avon:Wonderful. We have all the resources of Zen, Orac, and Liberator and you feel that they're in trouble. You do not feel it, you reason it. They have not called in. Therefore they must be in trouble. You don't have to be telepathic to know that.
Vila:Oh, come on, Avon, give the girl a chance. I'd say she knows a few things that even you don't understand. [as Avon approaches him] Well, I'd say so, anyway.
Avon:A fifth-grade ignorant and you would say so, would you?
Vila:Well, I never had a chance, did I? I chose the wrong parents.
Cally:I'm going down.
Vila:You can't do that, Cally.
Cally:They are in trouble. Someone must go down.
Gan:I'll go.
Vila:Gan will go.
Gan:And Vila will go with me, won't you, Vila?
Vila:Will I?
Gan:Well, I'd be stupid to go on my own. You wouldn't want to send Cally in your place, would you?
Vila:Probably not. [to Avon] What about you?
Avon:What about me?
Vila:Why don't you go?
Avon:You are expendable.
Vila:And you're not?
Avon:No, I'm not. I'm not expendable. I'm not stupid. And I'm not going.

Avon:I think we should get out. I have a standby plot. I can put the ship on auto. Zen can fly us out. We can get away, Cally.
Cally:I'm going down.
Avon:You're a fool.
Cally:Avon, I'm going down. This information could be vital.
Avon:Listen, the others have vanished. They didn't even have time to call in. The only possible conclusion to draw from that is that they are dead.
Cally:They aren't dead.

Avon:Cally? Are you there? Are you there? Cally! And then there was one. Orac, no further information is needed on the planet Horizon. I think it's time to leave.

Avon:If I go alone, can I pilot the Liberator indefinitely?
Orac:With the help of the automatics, of course you can.
Avon:I know that.
Orac:Then why did you ask the question?
Avon:I didn't. How long can I maintain myself?
Orac:Is that a question?
Orac:We have concentrated food for one person for a thousand years.
Avon:And our power is self re-generating?
Avon:Can you plot courses to keep out of the range of any known spaceship manned by the federation?
Orac:The battle and navigation computers can handle that perfectly adequately.
Avon:I asked if you could.
Orac:Of course, should it be necessary.
Avon:Failing that, we are powerful enough to resist all but an attack by 3 federation pursuit ships at once?
Orac:Is that a question?
Avon:No. If we go now, we can sail the universe for as long as we like in reasonable safety. Provided we keep out of everybody's way, and we do not do anything rash.
Orac:No data available to answer the question, if it was a question.
Avon:I put it to you as a possibility. I request the odds.
Orac:The odds would be 3.5 to 1 on survival.
Avon:Therefore, I do not need Blake. I do not need any of the others.
Orac:Is that a question?
Avon:I do not need anybody at all.
Orac:Is that a question? I must ask you to be more specific.
Avon:Shut up, Orac.


[After making the qualification that the ship might not be able to defeat 3 pursuit ships, a qualification with which Orac has not agreed, Avon learns that he IS being pursued by 3 ships and, laughing, goes down after Blake and the rest.]

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