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According to Docholli, the brain print of the doctor whose mind he didn't wipe, is on the back of an amulet on Goth, so that's where Blake goes next. But the amulet is in the possession of the royal family, and so soon are Blake's crew. Jenna ends up engaged to Gola, the Chief, and Vila ends up as the court jester. When Blake finally discovers the amulet is in the possession of the imprisoned king, Gola's father, it's already too late as Travis has gotten there first. But something the king says before he dies sets off an implanted memory in the old court jester, who tells them the location of Star One.

Avon:If you find the brain print and, consequently, the location of Star One, what then?
Blake:Finish what we started.
Avon:Destroy it?
Blake:Of course. And the entire federation with it. Does that bother you suddenly?
Avon:Star One is the automatic computer control center for the entire federation.
Blake:Get to the point, Avon.
Avon:That is the point. Through Star One we could control everything. The federation could belong to us.
Vila:I could be president. Or we could take it in turns.
Blake:You ready to go, Vila?
Vila:Why not? Now that would be worth the risks we're taking.
Avon:Blake is afraid that power would corrupt him.
Blake:    That sort of power would corrupt anyone.

Zen:Main detectors report federation pursuit ship, bearing 132, course 276, leaving the planet and entering orbit.
Avon:Put it on the main screen.
Avon:Are we in range of its detectors?
Avon:Plot us a course to intersect.
Cally:    You're not going to attack?
Avon:Don't you recognize it? That is Travis' ship.
Cally:But if we leave here, we leave Blake and the others out of teleport range.
Avon:It's our chance to finish off Travis. He is at our mercy.
Cally:Perhaps, but you can't...
Zen:Course to intercept 073, speed standard by 4. Strike range in 4 mins, 10 secs.
Avon:We've got him cold. We'll be there and back within 10 mins, and Travis will be dead. Steer 073, Cally.
Cally:Avon, I'm..
Avon:This time we have him. Zen, put up the radiation flare shields. Clear the neutron blasters for firing.
Cally:Avon, I hope you know what you're doing.
Zen:Neutron blasters are cleared for firing.
Avon:Can you think of a better way of stopping Travis finding Star One?
Zen:Target will be within strike range in 2 mins.
Cally:No indication that he's seen us.
Avon:Good. I have no objection to shooting him in the back.

Blake: Teleport now.
.[Blake disappears as an explosive bolt fires where he was]
Avon:What the hell happened? What happened to the others?
Cally:Let him drink this first.
Avon:Where are the others?
Blake:The Goths have them.
Cally:Are we going down to get them out?
Blake:I am. [coming up behind Avon with menace] And where the hell were you?
Avon:We just got Travis for you.

Avon:We had to stop Travis getting to Star One first. Well, now he is stopped.
Blake:If he was on the pursuit ship. [he wasn't]
Avon:It seemed a reasonable assumption.
Blake:If I'm not back in 6 hrs, come down. Both of you.
Cally:That's a long time to stay in orbit. Stationary we are an easy target.
Blake:No one knows we're here. Unless you alerted them. [oh, dirty dig] Put me down, Cally.

Blake:[on communicator] ...at the moment. Ground bearing 210.
Avon:Is he alright?
Cally:So far.

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