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Blake is still after the location of Star One and teleports with Cally and Jenna to Freedom City looking for the doctor who wiped the mind of the man who knew its location, hoping the doctor knows that information. Following the same chain of hints that Blake is following, Travis has gotten to Docholli first and is waiting for Blake. Meanwhile, Vila and Avon have gone to the casino to see if they can break the bank using a miniaturized Orac. They can.

Vila:They say it's wide open.
Vila:Freedom City.
Avon:So I've heard. Wide open.
Vila:Got everything a man's ever dreamed of, they say.
Avon:Space City pales by comparison, they say.
Vila:You know, if it was a desert down there, so hot your eyeballs frizzled, poisonous snakes under every rock..
Avon:Blake would have sent us.
Vila:You can bet on it.
Avon:Bet. Why not? It's perfect.
Vila:What is?
Avon:There is a casino down there. It is called The Big Wheel. No stake limits. Why don't we bust it?
Vila:Because we're up here and the casino's down there.
Avon:We go down there. We can get Orac to operate the teleport. He can do it as well from down there as up here.
Vila:You mean we take Orac with us?
Avon:Of course we take Orac with us. You dummy. You haven't caught on, have you?
Vila:What's in your mind?
Avon:The Big Wheel is run by a computer that fixes the odds at 5 percent in favor of the house, right?
Avon:Right. Orac reads computers.
Vila:Ooohhhh. That is beautiful. Avon, there are times when I almost get to like you.
Avon:Yes, well that makes it all worth while.
Vila:I mean, you give me a warm feeling right here [holds waist], around the moneybelt.
Avon:We are going to need some kind of casing for Orac.
Vila:Wait, suppose Blake wants fetching up while we're on surface?
Avon:Oh, he'll be several hours looking for Docholi. We can break that casino and be back up here inside of 1 hour. He need never know that we were gone.
Vila:I just needed convincing. I'm convinced.
Avon:I'll get a casing for Orac.
Vila:Wait a minute. Well, look at Orac. I mean look at it. It's a bit on the bulky side for smuggling into a casino, wouldn't you say?
Avon:Orac, are you familiar with the theory of molecular reduction?
Orac:Am I to assume that you refer to the stabilized atomic implosion?
Avon:Yes. Vila and I were just discussing it.
Vila:We were?
Avon:I was assuring him that the whole idea is an absurd fantasy.
Orac:On the contrary, it is neither absurd, nor is it a fantasy.
Avon:Are you suggesting that you know more about the subject than I do?
Orac:It's not a suggestion. It's a statement of fact.
Avon:Do you seriously expect me to believe you could, for example, reduce your size without affecting your function.
Orac:I could.
Vila:For how long?
Orac:It would depend on the degree of reduction.
.[Avon puts his hands apart to show size. Vila pushes them closer together.]
Avon:Approximately 1/8 of your current size.
Orac:2 hrs 6 min.
Vila:Talk's cheap.
Orac:Does that mean something?
Avon:It means he doesn't believe you, and neither, as a matter of fact, do I.
Orac:I take it you wish me to prove it.
.[Orac reduces in size; Vila sticks out his hand and Avon shakes it]

Avon:Quickly, Vila. Hide the money.
Blake:    [on communicator] Liberator, do you hear me?
Avon:Reading you, Blake.
Blake:Bring us up, Avon.
Avon:Bringing you up now. Welcome back. How did you get on?
Cally:    We managed to reach Docholi.
Avon:Oh, great, wonderful, terrific.
Blake:We didn't get the location of Star One, though.
Vila:I think it's my turn on call, Avon. Oh, you're back.
Blake:Vila, I didn't like that innocent look. What have you two been up to while we've been away.
Vila:Me? Nothing. Had a little sleep.
Avon:Played a little chess.
Avon:And that's all.
.[Avon and Vila look behind at small Orac. Look back and it's again full size.]
Vila:That's right, Blake. Had a real quiet time.

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