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Horizon Pressure Point Trial

Blake is obsessed with trying to take out Central Control, the computer that runs the federation's computer network, and talks the crew into attacking the heavily guarded and secret installation with help from Kasabi, not realizing the revolutionary has been killed and her daughter turned to save the mother she thinks is still alive. They make it through a mine field and dash into what turns out to be an empty room. As Blake sinks catatonically to his knees, Avon holds him and the trap closes. Travis appears but before he can kill Blake, Jenna arrives with the captured Servalan, who forces Travis to let Blake go to save her own life. In the escape, Gan is killed.

Blake:In 3 hrs we'll be in teleport range of Earth.
Jenna:    Blake, are you crazy? We can't afford to take risks like that.
Vila:We were going to just skirt the system, that's what you said. Take a quick look at the defenses.
Gan:The perimeter defenses.
Vila:Yes, and that was dangerous enough.
Jenna:You never said anything about looking at the perimeter from the inside.
Cally:We must take this risk.
Blake:Alright, I didn't expect you to welcome the idea. That's why I mislead you just a little.
Avon:That's very diplomatically put.
Blake:Is my phraseology your only complaint, Avon?
Avon:No, but it is my only surprise.
Blake:You knew.
Avon:I never really believed the long range reconnisance story. Earth has been on your mind for a long time, Blake. Too long for you to sit outside the planetary system and look.
Blake:It's time we really hurt the federation. Oh, we've been hitting at the fingers, the arms. I want to hit at the heart. And the heart of the federation is Earth.

Blake:For the past year now I've been collecting all the information I could find. With Orac's help, I now know more about Control than anyone outside the senior echelon of the federation. I think I can destroy it.
.[Avon claps]
Blake:I'm not going to minimize the danger. It's a high risk operation. That is why I'm not going to ask any of you to come with me.
Gan:Think you can do it without us?
Blake:I'd rather not try. But if I have to, I won't be alone. I've already contacted a resistance leader.

Jenna:Blake, we've decided to come with you.
Blake:Thank you. I could do with all the help I can get.
Jenna:There is a condition.
Jenna:None of us is prepared to commit suicide. We don't intend to die making some heroic gesture.
Cally:We need a chance of survival.
Vila:We want your word that if the mission looks impossible, then we'll pull out.
Gan:Yes, guarantee that and we're all with you.
Blake:It's understood the decision is mine, and mine alone.
Cally:Yes. That is understood.
Blake:Alright. If it looks as if we have less than an even chance, I promise I'll call the whole thing off. [points to Gan and Vila] You two get kitted up. [to Cally and Jenna] You two stand by.

.[walks over and sits down beside Avon]
Blake:The others have decided to go with me.
Avon:I thought they would. Not very bright, but loyal.
Blake:That leaves you.
Avon:I have thought about it.
Blake:And? Come on, Avon, stop playing games. Are you going to go with me or not?
Avon:Well, of course. I am surprised you ever doubted it.
Blake:Thank you.
Avon:Frankly, I don't see how you can do it without me. Your strongest enemies are going to be the defense computers. I'm the only one qualified to tackle them.
Blake:Yes, that had occurred to me. You better get started getting kitted up. Do you want to tell me why?
Avon:I like the challenge.
Blake:You don't want to tell me why. [answering Avon's meaning, not words]
Avon:If we succeed, if we destroy Control, the federation will be at its weakest. It will be more vulnerable than it has been for centuries. Revolt in the outer worlds will grow. The resistance movements on Earth will launch an allout attack to destroy the federation. They will need unifying. They will need a leader. You will be the natural choice.
Avon:Don't be modest, Blake. You're the only one they would all follow. You would have no choice. You'd have to stay on Earth and organize the revolt.
Blake:If there's no other way.
Avon:There wouldn't.
Blake:That still doesn't explain why you're backing me.
Avon:With you running the campaign on Earth, somebody has to take charge of all this.
Blake:[laughing] You want the Liberator.
Avon:Exactly. If we succeed, destruction of Control gives us both what we want.
Blake:Could be you're planning just a little far ahead.
Avon:Perhaps. But sooner or later I will have my chance.
Blake:There's no hurry.

.[after Vila gets the door unlocked, they push it open and Blake runs through alone into a white, empty room]
Blake:We've done it! We've done it! We've done it! I've done it!
Avon:Blake, there's nothing here.
.[slowly Blake turns around and recognizes the emptiness; slowly he walks to Avon]
Avon:There's nothing here.
.[Blake looks around again and falls to his knees. Avon goes down beside him and holds him.]
.[While Avon says "Nothing" the sound of laughter is heard]
Travis:You believed it, Blake. Like all the other fools before you. Destroy Control and you destroy the federation. No.
.[Blake grabs Avon's tunic. Avon keeps staring at Blake and completely ignores Travis' presence.]
Blake:It was here. Everybody knows it was here.
Travis:Well, of course. We've never concealed it. On the contrary, we've broadcast the fact. We used it as a challenge to our enemies. We invited them to attack Control.
Blake:[still holding Avon, who still ignores Travis and stares at Blake] It was never here.
Travis:It was moved 30 years ago.
Blake:To where. [as if Travis were going to tell him?]
Travis:Even I don't know that. But it's safe and secure, and will remain so while those who seek to destroy us believe it's here. You see, it's the great illusion, Blake. You give substance and credibility to an empty room, and the real thing becomes undetectable - virtually invisible. Now take their weapons.

.[Jenna brings in a captured Servalan, who forces Travis to let Blake go. Travis sets off an explosion that brings down part of the tunnel. Gan is trapped and Blake knocked out. Blake awakens in time to hold Gan as he dies.]
.[Jenna and Vila await Blake at the ladder to the outside. Blake arrives, followed by Avon who must have gone back for Blake.]
Vila:Where's Gan?
Blake:Gan's dead

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