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Redemption Shadow Weapon

Blake is ready to do business with a criminal mob called the Terra Nostra, which runs the drug shadow, in order to have help infiltrating his revolution onto Earth. Blake attempts to gain control of moon disks, the source of shadow, to get leverage over the Terra Nostra, but the presence of the slightly telepathic moon disks gives Cally enough strength to allow her to fight the alien intelligence (one more time) that is trying to take over her and Orac.

Gan:And if you can stomach doing business with the Terra Nostra.
Blake:We're going to use them, Gan, not do business with them.
Avon:A subtle distinction that escapes me for the moment.
Blake:Don't tell me you have a moral objection to using their organization to infiltrating Earth?
Avon:Of course not.
Gan:Well, I have.
Blake:Think, Gan. Think what they've got - men, material, information. Think what we could do with a fraction of what they control.
Gan:No, you think Blake. Think what it is they control - everything dirty, degrading and cruel, on just about every colonized world.
Blake:Earth is all I'm interested in.

Vila:Blake's wrong.
Cally:I know how you feel, Vila.
Vila:I don't mean about leaving me behind. I've wanted to visit Space City ever since I was old enough to read the graffiti in the Juvenile Dentention Wards. But I'm not talking about that. I don't care about that.
Cally:No, of course not.
Vila:I don't.
Cally:Am I arguing?
Vila:I'm talking about his great plan to enlist the help of the Terra Nostra.
Cally:He plans to buy their help.
Vila:Alright, buy their help. It still won't work.
Cally:Well, you should have spoken before.
Vila:Who listens to me ever? Does anyone ever listen to me? I'm telling you it's going to be a disaster.
Vila:You don't know them.
Cally:Well, I know Blake.
Vila:He thinks of himself as a hard man. Hard? He's strictly a fluffy-cheeked amateur compared to those boys.
Cally:I think Blake can look after himself.
Vila:He's led a very sheltered life.
Cally:What? Blake has led a sheltered life?
Vila:Look, he was an alpha grade on Earth. A highly privileged group, the alphas. He wouldn't last 5 mins among the delta service grades where I grew up. And it's the service grades where the Terra Nostra really operates. Without anesthetic usually.

Avon:In effect, we want to buy cooperation and expertise from the Earth based network.
Largo:Well, why are you telling me all this?
Jenna:We don't know who rules the Terra Nostra. Possibly you don't either. But you do know how to get our proposition to them.
Largo:A go-between.
Avon:Naturally we would be prepared to pay for your services.

.[Avon picks up the stones after Largo says the Terra Nostra doesn't exist]
Largo:They're beautiful stones. I'm a bit of a collector, in a modest way. I could make you an offer.
Avon:They have a sentimental value for me.
Largo:Oh, family heirlooms.
Avon:No, I'm just sentimental about money. [to Blake] We're wasting our time with him.
Blake:Yes, I think so. [snaps his fingers, holds out his hand. Avon slams the bag of jewels into it.]

Blake:Okay, we've wasted enough time. Let's get back to the Terra Nostra.
Gan:Back? We only just managed to get away from them.
Blake:We chose the wrong approach, that's all.
Gan:Is that all? I thought maybe we'd chosen the wrong people to get involved with.
Avon:We chose the wrong approach?
Blake:I chose the wrong approach. Does it matter?
Avon:Yes, it does.
Blake:Alright, Avon. You were right and I was wrong. You said persuasion wouldn't work and it didn't. So now we use force.
Avon:Force? Yes, of course. Law makers, law breakers. Let us fight them all. Why not?

Gan:The drug in return for their help? Blake, that would make us pushers.
Blake:Well, maybe we won't keep our end of the bargain.
Gan:And that will make us cheats.
Blake:That will make us winners, Gan. That's the only excuse for fighting.
Jenna:It's too good a chance to miss, Gan.

.[One more time Cally is taken over my aliens - this one an other dimension intelligence trying to work through Orac, whose signals go through the alien's dimension, the same dimension in which Cally's telepathy exists. Yes, I know.]
Blake:How is she?
Avon:The same. I left the girl with her.
Blake:Have you run the dianostic checks again?
Avon:Still nothing. There's no physical explanation for her condition, unless somehow it's locked up in here and I don't see how that can be.
Blake:She is an alien.
Avon:She is more human than I am.

Avon:Ironic, isn't it? We were hoping to use the Terra Nostra to attack the federation, only to discover that it is already being used to support it.
Vila:Where are all the good guys?
Blake:You could be looking at them.
Avon:What a very depressing thought.

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