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Pressure Point Trial Killer

The crew now realizes that they aren't invincible. Blake transports down to an uninhabited planet, telling Orac to tell the crew if they ask. They do, though Avon thinks it's a ploy for sympathy. The rest take Blake at his word that they can leave if they want, but they decide instead to get Blake back. Rather than being uninhabited, it turns out that the whole planet is alive and eats the creatures that live on the surface. Blake tries to save Zil, one of the short-lived, bird-like creatures, but fails. Just before Blake would get absorbed himself, he's beamed up by Avon's automatic transport search pattern.

Travis, meanwhile, has been put on trial by Servalan to save her own neck after their last failure. Travis is about to be sentenced to death when Liberator attacks the space station, giving him an opportunity to escape.

Blake:    No, I asked for tolerable conditions. I assume that's what you've given me.
Zen:Confirmed. There are gravitational anomalies which may affect movement.
Blake:And uninhabited.
Zen:The navigation computers list it as such.
Blake:That's good enough.
Avon:Really? It sounds a little casual to me.
Blake:I'm going down on my own, Avon. It has nothing to do with you.
Avon:Nothing at all. But it occurs to me that if you should run into trouble, one of your followers, one of your three remaining followers, might have to risk his neck to rescue you.
Blake:Then you must advise them against that, Avon.
Avon:Oh, I will.
Blake:They might even listen to you this time.
Avon:Why not? After all, I don't get them killed.

Vila:I wish Gan was here.
Avon:Oh, yes, of course. He would be able to work out exactly what was going on.
Vila:Maybe he would.
Cally:Why do you say that, Vila?
Vila:He was straightforward. Wasn't always expecting to be cheated and doublecrossed - not like us. He trusted people. He trusted Blake completely.
Jenna:Much good it did him.
Avon:Welcome back to reality, Jenna.
Vila:Do you think he is doublecrossing us, Jenna?
Jenna:I don't know, but you're right about one thing - I'm not like Gan. I don't trust unless I'm trusted in return.
Avon:What do you think we should do then?
Jenna:Suggest something.
Avon:Well, now. I find the idea of being wealthy rather appealing.
Avon:I don't see much prospect of getting rich around here.
Vila:Well, it certainly looks like Blake's left us, doesn't it?
Avon:That is the only reasonable assumption that we can make.
Vila:We gotta look out for ourselves now.
Vila:Blake can't complain really.
Jenna:Hardly, since he's not here.
Vila:No, I mean it's not as if we haven't done our share for freedom and all that.
Avon:More than our share.
Jenna:You two make me sick. Are we going to get out of here or aren't we?
Cally:Orac, do you know what Blake is doing?
Orac:Of course I do.
Cally:Then tell us.
Orac:Without the correct data recall code, that data is not available.
Cally:Data recall code, Avon?
Avon:He's even put a secret classification code on what he's doing.
Cally:Yes, but why did he code it and how? Vila, if Gan was here, what would he have asked Orac?
Vila:Something obvious. "Did Blake leave us any message?"
.[Blake appears in the screen]
Blake:Thank you. I must confess I wasn't sure whether you'd trust me, or even care enough to ask if there was a message. In your place I'd probably have just said that I don't give a damn and cleared off. I think... Well, that's just it. I need time to think. We all do. That's what all this is about. I must apologize for the somewhat dramatic exit. I had to stop myself coming back. At least until we've made some decisions, you and I. I took one hell of a risk with your lives when I went ahead with the attack on Central Control. I thought it was justified. I thought we had a chance to win. And I was wrong, completely, utterly, stupidly wrong.
Avon:I noticed that.
Blake:I almost killed you all. I did kill Gan. For nothing - an empty room, a trick, an illusion. Now I find myself wondering if that's what it's been all along - just a dream. I don't know anymore. I don't know whether we should go on. Whether you would, even supposing I could ask you to. So, that is what we've got to decide, you andI. Where do we go from here.
Avon:So that is what we've got to decide, is it?
Blake:I'm taking a homing beacon down with me. It will start to transmit in 13 hrs. The detectors should be able to locate it, and guide the ship to the rendezvous. It's an automatic beacon. I shall leave it on the ground when I land, and make my way back to it with a hand detector. It seems more fitting, somehow. Besides, if either of us chooses not to keep the rendezvous, then we needn't think too badly of each other. Maybe the detectors failed.
Vila:He really cares about us, doesn't he?
Avon:You swallowed that?
Cally:You think he was faking it?
Avon:Everything but the self-pity. That was real enough.
Cally:You're wrong.
Avon:Jenna? [Jenna looks at him and silently walks away.] Which only leaves one question to be answered. Is it that Blake has a genius for leadership, or merely that you have a genius for being led?

Jenna:What are you doing?
Avon:It's a detector shield. I've been working on it for some time.
Vila:Everyone should have a hobby. What's it do?
Avon:It should keep us off everything but the federation's close range visual scanners.
Vila:You mean their long range detectors won't pick us up at all? That's brilliant, Avon, absolutely brilliant. It'll never work.
Avon:There's only one way to find out. I'm sure Blake will find us something suitable to attack.
Vila:I see. You've decided to be led like the rest of us.
Avon:I'll continue to follow. It's not quite the same thing.
Vila:I don't see the difference.
Avon:I didn't really think that you would.
Jenna:Do you want to tell me why you've left most of the southern hemisphere off the search pattern?
Avon:I don't believe that Blake can think and swim at the same time. It's nothing but ocean down there.

.[Blake is stranded on the planet which is alive and trying to consume and absorb all the living entities on its surface. Avon watches the teleport area, waiting for his automatic search program to find Blake and bring him up momentarily. Blake holds his ears from the pain.]
Zen:Flight program will be complete in 2 mins.
Vila:The flight's almost over. Is it working?
Avon:Quiet, Vila. [Blake begins to appear] Now!
.[Blake teleports successfully]
Blake:Thank you. Next time I want to think, I'll do it in my cabin.
Avon:I should stick to action, Blake. That's what you're good at.
Cally:Jenna, we've got him back.
Vila:Avon adapted the teleport with his usual skill. Probably ruined it.
Blake:[to Cally] You went to a lot of trouble. [Cally follows Vila out in silence]
Avon:One of these days they are going to leave you. They were almost ready to do so this time.
Blake:Yes, I thought they might be.
Avon:You handled them very skillfully.
Blake:Do I?
Avon:But one more death will do it.
Blake:Then you'd better be very careful. It would be ironic if it were yours.

Blake:We were getting a reputation for being invulnerable.
Cally:We were even beginning to believe it ourselves.
Avon:Some of us, anyway.
Blake:Alright, yes, I admit it. Gan's death woke me - made me realize that I'd come to accept our own legend. And far more important than that, every federation trooper, every kill-happy bounty hunter knows that we are fallible.
Vila:You're saying it's time to stop. That is what you're saying, I hope.
Jenna:No, he's saying it's too late to stop, aren't you? We've come too far.
Blake:No, what I'm saying is that there will be a better time.
Avon:When we have restored our legend. Alright. What death-defying feat must we take in order to do that?
Blake:Will this detector shield work?
Blake:A high speed attack. A single strike run. We'll be on them before they know, and away before they can respond.
Blake:Servalan's headquarters.

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