The Professionals Videos by Mary S. Van Deusen

It's Not My Time
Six Words Long
When He Shines
Uptown Girl
Strong Survive
Christmas Song
God Rest Ye - GB
God Rest Ye - NKC
One Friend Left
On the Front Line
Cause for Suspicion
Sure a Pair
Mean Old Man
Baby Blue
Flowers Never Bend
Children of the Fall
Carefree Highway
Alone 245 MB Heart And K. Fong Bodie/Doyle
Alone 30 MB
Anticipation 218 MB Carly Simon . Bodie/Doyle
Anticipation 28 MB
Baby Blue 263 MB Bob Dylan x Bodie
First mp2 version
Baby Blue 39 MB
Be Prepared 81 MB Tom Lehrer x humor
Be Prepared 13 MB
Carefree Highway 226 MB Gordon Lightfoot x Doyle/Ann; Doyle/Bodie
First mp2 version
Carefree Highway 33 MB
Cause for Suspicion 117 MB Sheridan . Bodie/Cowley
  & Bodie/Doyle
First mp2 version
Cause for Suspicion 16 MB
Children of the Fall 188 MB Julia Ecklar x joy of the hunt
First mp2 version
Children of the Fall 32 MB
Christmas Song 197 MB Nat King Cole With The SCE Carol
First mp2 version
Christmas Song 29 MB
Cloudy 138 MB Simon & Garfunkel x Bodie
First mp2 version
Cloudy 20 MB
Eye of the Tiger 31 MB Survivor . Bodie
Flowers Never Bend 136 MB Simon & Garfunkel x Bodie Memorial
First mp2 version
MPG Link Fixed

Flowers Never Bend 21 MB
Gambler 216 MB Kenny Rogers x Cowley
First mp2 version
Gambler 32 MB
God Rest Ye 87 MB Nat King Cole With The SCE Carol
First mp2 version
Much Changed

God Rest Ye 13 MB
God Rest Ye 158 MB Garth Brooks With The SCE Carol
First mp2 version
Much Changed

God Rest Ye 24 MB
Gravel on the Ground 140 MB Mac Davis . Bodie&Doyle
Gravel on the Ground 18 MB
Gus 341 MB Cats x Doyle
First mp2 version
Gus 50 MB
Hunting Song 81 MB Tom Lehrer Circuit Divx humor
Hunting Song 11 MB
It Doesn't Matter 234 MB Linda Rondstadt . Bodie/Doyle
1 scene chg 8/11/07
It Doesn't Matter 30 MB
It's Not My Time 250 MB 3 Doors Down . Surviving

It's Not My Time 37 MB
Mean Old Man 137 MB Neil Sedaka
Phil Cody
x Cowley
aka "The Way I Am"
First mp2 version
Mean Old Man 20 MB
Only One Friend Left 122 MB Dan Seals . Bodie & Doyle
First mp2 version
Only One Friend Left 18 MB
On the Front Line 167 MB Dan Seals . Bodie & Doyle
First mp2 version
On the Front Line 25 MB
Send the Marines 69 MB Tom Lehrer Circuit Divx humor
Send the Marines 9 MB
Six Words Long 210 MB Weird Al Yankovic . humor
First mp2 version
Six Words Long 32 MB
Strong Survive 204 MB REO Speedwagon . Mixed Doubles
First mp2 version
Strong Survive 30 MB
Sure a Pair 121 MB Sheridan . Bodie&Doyle
Cleaned up mp2 and mp4
Sure a Pair 18 MB
Uptown Girl 74 MB Billy Joel . Bodie
First mp2 version
Uptown Girl 11 MB
Waiting For a Friend 233 MB Roger Daltry . Bodie&Doyle
Waiting For a Friend 29 MB
When He Shines 197 MB Sheena Easton . Bodie
First mp2 version
When He Shines 30 MB

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