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If You Were a Woman Mixed
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Gettysburg 347 MB The Movie
Chamberlain, Armistead,
  Hancock, Longstreet
What's Behind
  this Music Video?
Gettysburg 48 MB
If It Be Your Will 225 MB Leonard Cohen Gettysburg
If It Be Your Will 35 MB
Indiana Jones
Father and Son 30 MB Cat Stevens Raiders of Lost Arc
Holding Out for a Hero 39 MB Bonnie Tyler Raiders
by P. Kosinski
Temper of Revenge 30 MB Julia Ecklar Tombstone
with C. Parnes
Shape of My Heart 38 MB Sting Earp/Holiday
C. Parnes with MVD
Amish Paradise 206 MB 'Weird Al' Yankovic Witness
16:9 aspect ratio
w. Viggo Mortensen
Amish Paradise 31 MB
Do That To Me
  One More Time
31 MB Captain and Tennille Lethal Weapon
Every Step You Take 30 MB Police
  by C. Parnes
The Escape 222 MB Julia Ecklar Escape from New York
16:9 aspect ratio
The Escape 36 MB
Adventures of Hiram Holliday
Great Pretender 22 MB The Platters Hiram/Joel
Mocking Bird Hill 24 MB Patti Page Hiram Holliday
Traveling Man 20 MB Ricky Nelson Hiram Holliday
Fire and Rain 28 MB James Taylor Sandbaggers
You've Got a Friend 38 MB James Taylor Sandbaggers
Mixed Fandoms
4 Father and Sons 236 MB Cat Stevens Indy Jones, Starsky&Hutch
Due South, Forever Knight,
by Paul Kosinski
4 Father and Sons xx MB
Ding Dong Merrily on High 181 MB
 with Trek
A Christmas Treasury Harry Potter, Witness, Bones, NCIS, Star Trek, Man from Uncle
Ding Dong Merrily on High 26 MB
Ding Dong Merrily on High 181 MB
 with JAG
A Christmas Treasury Harry Potter, Witness, Bones, NCIS, JAG, Man from Uncle
Ding Dong Merrily on High 26 MB
For Unto Us 160 MB
 with JAG
Handel 12 Star Wars, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek
For Unto Us 24 MB
If You Were a Woman 271 MB Bonnie Tyler Mixed
Victor/Victoria; Sherlock Holmes; Star Wars; Red; DS9; STTNG; TOS; Quark; Get Smart; Men in Black; Superman; Dr Who; Star Trek; Boston Legal; Due South; Starsky & Hutch; Hobbit; Muncle
If You Were a Woman 39 MB
I Think I'm a Clone Now 123 MB Weird Al Yankovic Mixed
2/13/08 Upgraded
audio & Muncle
I Think I'm a Clone Now 15 MB
If It Be Your Will 248 MB Leonard Cohen Commands and Endings
Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings,
Alias, Blakes 7,
Starsky and Hutch,
Buffy, Forever Knight
If It Be Your Will 35 MB
Last Shot Fired 305 MB Trace Adkins Loss: Harry Potter, NCIS, Gettysburg,
Lord of the Rings, Smallville,
JAG, Harry Potter, Tombstone,
Castle, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars,
Star Trek, Galaxy Quest
Last Shot Fired 45 MB
Love Decides 170 MB Jane Oliver Lord of the Rings, Due South, Professionals, Boston Legal, Starsky & Hutch, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Star Wars, Forever Knight
Mostly slash
Love Decides 26 MB
O Christmas Tree 148 MB Tom Hall Harry Potter, Bones, NCIS, Star Trek,
Lord of the Rings, NCIS LA, Smallville,
O Christmas Tree 26 MB
Old and Gray 117 MB Tom Lehrer humor
Mostly slash
Old and Gray 15 MB
Two Front Teeth 127 MB Platters Christmas
Alias, Sherlock Holmes, NCIS LA, Smallville, JAG, NCIS
16:9 aspect ratio
Two Front Teeth 17 MB
One of a Kind
Arbiter 20 MB Chess Prisoner
By Paul Kosinski
Grandma Got Run Over 237 MB Elmo and Patsy Nero Wolfe
Grandma Got Run Over 29 MB
I Feel Wonderful xx MB Foreigner Beauty&Beast
with A. Geller
I Want to Know 30 MB Foreigner Kung Fu
with V. Clark
Not Upgraded
Long and Winding Road xx MB Beatles Kung Fu
Not Upgraded
with V. Clark
Survivor's Song 60 MB Julia Ecklar 24 - Jack Bauer
By Paul Kosinski
DC Worldcon Bid xx MB Worldcon Cmte Mixed SciFi

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