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Simple Gifts
Don Quixote
High quality - computer or TV Low quality - computer
Cruel War   234 MB Peter, Paul and Mary Romances
Cruel War   30 MB
Don Quixote   229 MB Gordon Lightfoot Cadfael
Don Quixote   32 MB
Good Christian Men Rejoice   159 MB Andre Patenaude Christmas Carol
Good Christian Men Rejoice   24 MB
Had I a Heart   95 MB Sheridan Cadfael & Hugh
Had I a Heart   12 MB
He's My Brother   264 MB The Hollies Cadfael
He's My Brother   36 MB
Keep the Customer Satisfied   160 MB Simon & Garfunkel Cadfael
Keep the Customer Satisfied   22 MB
Just When I Needed Hugh Most   253 MB Randy Vanwarmer Cadfael/Hugh
Just When I Needed Hugh Most   34 MB
Love is a Rose   151 MB Linda Rondstadt Rose Rent
Love is a Rose   21 MB
Morning Has Broken   201 MB Cat Stevens Cadfael and Oliver
Dialog between Cadfael
  & Oliver
Morning Has Broken   28 MB
Old Dope Peddler   75 MB Tom Lehrer Cadfael
Old Dope Peddler   10 MB
Road to Find Out   315 MB Cat Stevens Cadfael
Road to Find Out   44 MB
Scarborough Fair   202 MB Simon & Garfunkel Cadfael
Scarborough Fair   27 MB
Simple Gifts   239 MB Judy Collins, Celtic Christmas

Simple Gifts   34 MB
Spirit in the Sky   125 MB Norman Greenbaum Cadfael
Spirit in the Sky   17 MB

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