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Doggy Jingle Bells
High quality - computer or TV Low quality - computer
Alley Oop   184 MB Gary Paxton Benny
Alley Oop   23 MB
Dancing in the Dark   201 MB Bruce Springsteen Ray1
Dancing in the Dark   29 MB
Diamonds and Rust   290 MB Joan Baez Benny/Ray1
Diamonds and Rust   42 MB
Dog Named Boo   174 MB Lobo Ben, Ray1 and Dief
Dog Named Boo   25 MB
Eat It   84 MB Weird Al Yankovitch humor
Eat It   11 MB
Evening Falls   229 MB Enya Benny
Evening Falls   32 MB
Father and Son   231 MB Cat Stevens Benny & Father
Father and Son   33 MB
For What It's Worth   161 MB Buffalo Springfield General
For What It's Worth   23 MB
Good King Wenceslas   87 MB Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Carol
Good King Wenceslas   10 MB
Green Door   137 MB Jim Lowe Ray1
Green Door   19 MB
Heart of Gold   188 MB Neil Young Dief
Heart of Gold   26 MB
Hold On   238 MB Sarah McLachlan Ray1
Hold On   35 MB
Hot Rod Lincoln   180 MB Johnny Bond Ray1
Hot Rod Lincoln   23 MB
It's the Most Wonderful Time   182 MB Garth Brooks
For Colleen
Christmas Carol
It's the Most Wonderful Time   23 MB
Jingle Bells   113 MB Barking Dogs Dief
Christmas Carol
Jingle Bells   16 MB
Let the River Run
  (Original Version)
  199 MB
Carly Simon Benny and Ray1
With Caren Parnes
Let the River Run   27 MB
Let the River Run
  (New Version)
  199 MB
Carly Simon Benny, Ray1 & Ray2
Let the River Run   27 MB
Mama Told Me   200 MB Three Dog Night Ray1
With C. Parnes
Mama Told Me   29 MB
Masochism Tango   184 MB Tom Lehrer humor
Masochism Tango   26 MB
Matter of Trust   240 MB Billy Joel Ray1
Matter of Trust   33 MB
Minstrel of the Dawn   209 MB Gordon Lightfoot Benny
Minstrel of the Dawn   28 MB
My Problem is You   219 MB Jackson Browne Ray1 and Benny
With Caren Parnes
My Problem is You   31 MB
Panama Red   137 MB New Riders of the
Purple Sage
Panama Red   20 MB
Ride Forever   269 MB Paul Gross Mounties
Ride Forever   34 MB
Staying Alive   103 MB Bee Gees General
With Caren Parnes
Staying Alive   17 MB
Sundown   240 MB Gordon Lightfoot Benny
Sundown   30 MB
Superman's Song   290 MB Crash Test Dummies Benny
Superman's Song   37 MB
Sweet Baby James   233 MB James Taylor Benny & Ray2
Sweet Baby James   24 MB
The Dance   176 MB Garth Brooks Benny
The Dance   24 MB
The River   216 MB Garth Brooks Benny
The River   27 MB
Wild World   207 MB Cat Stevens Thatcher
Wild World   30 MB
You're So Vain   220 MB Carly Simon Benny/Ray1
You're So Vain   33 MB

ALL song videos are produced with the understanding that NO PROFIT WILL BE MADE BY ANYONE in their creation or subsequent copying.

All videos with lilac backgrounds are in MP4 format and are suitable for playing on your computer. If you don't have an MP4 codec, you can get the VLC Player or a free version of the 3ivx Player, which is also described at the free-codecs.com website. If the free software expires, 3ivx has a $6.95 player available at their store.

All videos with gold backgrounds are extremely high quality MPEG-2 format, and are suitable for playing directly on your computer, as well as for watching on your TV. You can convert the video into a form that can be burned to DVDs through an authoring package, such as the free, open-source "authoring package" which can be found at the
  Lifehacker.com site

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