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Jim Luippold's Coton de Tulears
   Amazing Grace Judy Collins 36 MB 18th C
New England Cemetery
Aquinas Loyalty Song

Aquinas Loyalty Song

Aquinas 129 MB

18 MB

Aquinas Loyalty Song
Auld Lang Syne 1

Auld Lang Syne 1

Mitch Miller 89 MB

16 MB

Aquinas Lost Friends
Auld Lang Syne 2

Auld Lang Syne 2

Stephen Bishop 94 MB

16 MB

Aquinas Lost Friends
Auld Lang Syne 3

Auld Lang Syne 3

Susan Boyle 131 MB

23 MB

Aquinas Lost Friends
Auld Lang Syne 4

Auld Lang Syne 4

James Taylor 200 MB

34 MB

Aquinas Lost Friends
Xmas Auld Lang Syne 5

Xmas Auld Lang Syne 5

Helen Reddy 191 MB

29 MB

Aquinas 1962
   At the Hop The Rennaisances 30 MB Concert on Wrentham
   . . xx MB Art of Alayne Gelfand
Birds and Squirrels

Birds and Squirrels

Mozart Piano Sonato in D 362 MB

46 MB

Backyard Feeders
   Bring a Torch The Trail Band 18 MB Kaleidescope
   C. Fatto Per La Notte Di Natale Corelli 36 MB Winter Birds

Coton de Tulears

Coton de Tulears

Asparagus 274 MB

38 MB

Jim Luippold's
Coton de Tulear
dogs and puppies
   Deck the Halls The Trail Band 14 MB Wrentham shops
   Pachabel 17 MB Quebec City
By P. Kosinski
Made on 1"
   Clarinet Quintet, K.581 Mozart 61 MB Dragonflies
   Etude Chopin 33 MB Baby Birds
   Fan Friends Nightnoise 27 MB Fan Friends
   First Noel; Come a Wassailing The Trail Band 23 MB Wrentham Town Center
   Flute Quartet K.298 Rondo Mozart xx MB Winter Birds
   Give Isaac the Nymph The Duenna 9 MB Weird and
Nasty Santa Claus
Postcards for
Clement Moore
   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen The Trail Band 10 MB Metal Shop Xmas
with Steve Grimes
   Great Balls of Fire The Rennaisances 31 MB Concert on Wrentham
   Hallelujah Handel 32 MB Congregational
stained glass

   Joy to the World The Trail Band 19 MB Wrentham lights
   Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming The Trail Band 16 MB Kaleidescope
with Steve Grimes
   Long Island Nights Billy Joel xx MB Caren Parnes
   Marvelous Toy Peter, Paul and Mary 22 MB Machine Guns
   Monster Mash x 23 MB Halloween
   My Father Judy Collins xx MB My Grandfather
   New Age Wolf . 23 MB Wolves
   O Come All Ye Faithful Discover..the spirit 19 MB St. Mary's stained glass
   Piano Sonata in A K.331 1st Mozart xx MB Bathing Birds
   Riu Riu Chiu Medieval Carols 19 MB Episcopal stained glass
with Steve Grimes
   Song for My Mother Jane Oliver xx MB My Mother
   Rose of Tralee Nightnoise 28 MB Roses
   See Your Smiling Face x 16 MB Pumpkins
   The Twist The Rennaisances 24 MB Concert on Wrentham
   Trumpet Voluntary Helmut Wobisch 22 MB Solar Eclipse
   Up, Up and Away Fifth Dimension 22 MB Hot Air Balloons
   Can't Remember The Trail Band 12 MB Kaleidescope
People Wendy's Mother Barbra Streisand By W. Kellogg w. MVD
Garden Song Tricia's Father Dave Mallett Camera by T. Deneault
Feeling Groovy Michael Kruskal Simon and Garfunkel Camera by V. Kruskal
. Train Trip to CA Nightnoise .
Happy Trails Michael Kruskal V. & J. Kruskal Camera by V. Kruskal
I'm a Little Teapot Michael Kruskal V. Kruskal Camera by V. Kruskal

ALL song videos are produced with the understanding that NO PROFIT WILL BE MADE BY ANYONE in their creation or subsequent copying.

All videos with pink background are original, that is, they were NOT remade on a digital editing system.

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