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Santa Claus is Coming to Town Perry Como
Home for the Holidays Garth Brooks
I Believe in Father Christmas Susan Boyle
Rudolph Duck the Halls
All Dr Who videos are PAL - they will play on your computer
Angels in the Snow   350 MB Annie Lennox Voyage of the Damned (David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Angels in the Snow   53 MB
Anticipation   207 MB Carly Simon River Song/Doctor
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Anticipation   32 MB
Carol of the Birds   128 MB Chip Davis - Renaissance Holiday The Shakespeare Code (David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Carol of the Birds   20 MB
Crossroads   225 MB Don McLean Life changes (David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Crossroads   32 MB
Dear Friend   205 MB Laura Browne Sorenson Clara/Danny
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Dear Friend   31 MB
Father Christmas   212 MB Susan Boyle Christmas
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Father Christmas   32 MB
Forever Young   222 MB Joan Baez Regeneration
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Forever Young   32 MB
Greatest American Hero   191 MB Joey Scarbury Mixed Doctors & Companions
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Greatest American Hero   28 MB
Greensleeves   107 MB Philadelphia Brass Ensemble The Doctor and Elizabeth I
(David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Greensleeves   16 MB
Heroes and Friends   155 MB Randy Travis Mixed Doctors
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Heroes and Friends   23 MB
Home for the Holidays   133 MB Garth Brooks Mixed Doctors
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Home for the Holidays   20 MB
I Think I'm a Clone   113 MB Weird Al Yankovitch
by Paul Kosinski
Clones and Regenerated Doctors
mp4 - H.264 Codec
I Think I'm a Clone   17 MB
I Will Think of You   214 MB Laura Browne Sorenson River Song/Doctor
mp4 - H.264 Codec
I Will Think of You   31 MB
Jingle Bells   125 MB Willie Nelson A Christmas Carol (Matt Smith)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Jingle Bells   19 MB
Jurassic Park   238 MB Weird Al Yankovich Dinasaurs
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Jurassic Park   36 MB
Just You and I   193 MB Melissa Manchester Relationships (David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Just You and I   29 MB
Let's Make Some Memories   168 MB Jane Oliver Trying for the Stars
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Let's Make Some Memories   25 MB
Little Town of Bethlehem   216 MB Judy Collins (Matt Smith)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Little Town of Bethlehem   31 MB
My Old Friend   202 MB Tim McGraw Sarah Jane and The Doctor
mp4 - H.264 Codec
My Old Friend   31 MB
Painted the Sky   320 MB Jimmy Buffett Effects (Mixed Doctors)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Painted the Sky   47 MB
Paths Will Cross   185 MB Josh Ritter Intertwining (Mixed Doctors)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Paths Will Cross   27 MB
Ruby Tuesday   202 MB The Rolling Stones Clara (Mixed Doctors)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Ruby Tuesday   30 MB
Rudolph   143 MB Duck the Halls Reindeer (Mixed Doctors)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Rudolph   22 MB
Santa Claus is Coming to Town   121 MB Perry Como NEW
Santa (Doctor 12)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Santa Claus is Coming to Town   19 MB
Solitary Man   156 MB Neil Diamond Kisses
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Solitary Man   22 MB
Song for a Winter's Night   162 MB Sarah McLachlan Rory/Amy (Matt Smith)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Song for a Winter's Night   30 MB
These Boots   231 MB Eric Church Where Life Takes You (David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
These Boots   35 MB
Time After Time   244 MB Eva Cassidy Girl in the Fireplace (David Tennant)
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Time After Time   36 MB
Undun   212 MB The Guess Who Travails of Companions
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Undun   32 MB
Vincent   247 MB Don McLean Vincent Van Gogh
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Vincent   35 MB
Voices   188 MB Chris Young Inner voices
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Voices   28 MB
Wherefore and Why   168 MB Gordon Lightfoot The Master/The Doctor slash
mp4 - H.264 Codec
Wherefore and Why   25 MB
White Flag   211 MB Dido The Doctor/The Master slash
mp4 - H.264 Codec
White Flag   31 MB
White is in the Winter Night   177 MB Enya Mixed Carol
mp4 - H.264 Codec
White is in the Winter Night   27 MB

Fun Activities for Christmas
Read the 1823 'Night Before Christmas' with Antique Illustrations
Watch a video of Antique Illustrations set to a recitation of 'Night Before Christmas'
Page Through Antique Illustrated Editions of Night Before Christmas
View Antique Santa Postcards
Watch CBS Good Morning America discussing the authorship conflict in 2000
Watch over 65 videos of Christmas carols set to TV shows
View Comic Book Versions of Henry's Poetry, illoed with antique postcards
Read the arguments made since 1899 about the authorship
Learn about Henry Livingston, the author of Night Before Christmas
Read 'The Mouse in Henry Livingston's House', a footnoted book about Henry
See the changes made to the reindeer names before Moore took credit
And after the fun, fall asleep to Clement Moore's Poetry
   Hopefully, the sugar plums of illustration from antique postcards will help.

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