Buffy/Spike Videos by Mary S. Van Deusen

High quality - computer or TV Low quality - computer
Against The Wind   372 MB Bob Seeger Spike/Buffy
Against The Wind   46 MB
Hallelujah   276 MB John Cale Spike/Buffy
A different version
of the song for Forever Knight
Hallelujah   38 MB
Lover's Cross   202 MB Jim Croce Spike/Buffy
Lover's Cross   26 MB
Rage On   307 MB Dan Seals Spike/Buffy
Rage On   39 MB
Rest in Peace   184 MB James Marsters Spike/Buffy
Rest in Peace   23 MB
Running on Empty   319 MB Jackson Browne Spike/Buffy
Running on Empty   40 MB
We Belong   252 MB Pat Benetar Spike/Buffy
We Belong   31 MB
Weight   301 MB The Band Spike/Buffy
Weight   38 MB

ALL song videos are produced with the understanding that NO PROFIT WILL BE MADE BY ANYONE in their creation or subsequent copying.

All videos with lilac backgrounds are in MP4 format and are suitable for playing on your computer. If you don't have an MP4 codec, you can get the VLC Player or a free version of the 3ivx Player, which is also described at the free-codecs.com website. If the free software expires, 3ivx has a $6.95 player available at their store.

All videos with gold backgrounds are extremely high quality MPEG-2 format, and are suitable for playing directly on your computer, as well as for watching on your TV. You can convert the video into a form that can be burned to DVDs through an authoring package, such as the free, open-source "authoring package" which can be found at the
  Lifehacker.com site

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