Song Videos by Mary S. Van Deusen

A static music video for a song written by David Buskin, and sung by Mary Travers
on her "Morning Glory" album, "When I Needed You Most" (Grey Geese).

This page was created in 1996, before fan music videos were online, as a way
of explaining what fan videos were.

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--opening music--
You say my smile is like a summer day,
But what if tears begin to fall?
If things get bad, will you be on your way?
Will you be here when I need you most of all.
When grey geese honk across the autumn sky
Will you look up and hear the call?
Will you be like the geese and have to fly?
Will you be here when I need you most of all.
When I am snow-blind and it seems that the mountains
And the trees are too distant and too cold.
When I am having my December dreams
Will you be here when I need you most of all.
And when we fight and sit without a word
And watch the flowers climb the walls?
Will it spoken and will it be heard?
Will you be here when I need you most of all.
I don't need moments of unkindness or anger.
There 'll be days when the house is just too small.
But if I let you see my heart and mind
Will you be here when I need you most of all.
Will you be here when I need you most of all.

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Our earliest song video was made in 1986.

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