Downloadable Videos in MP4 Format
Files are now zipped and require manual intervention to download. You have to click on the link in your BROWSER. What you'll get is a page that asks you to put in a number. Type in the number, then click on the download button and it will give you a zipped file which you then have to save and unzip to play in Media Player on Windows, and QuickTime Player on Mac and Windows.

You must have an MPEG4 "codec" already installed in your player -- Windows XP comes with one. You also might want to try the non-MS "Media Player Classic" -- it's less cluttered. A fuller description of file formats and codecs can be found in our video discussion

If you find Quicktime is washing out the videos, downloading the newest versions of Quicktime seem to fix this problem. If you find problems, first look at our problem discussion. If that doesn't help, please contact Paul with a description of your problem.

If you don't have an MP4 codec, you can get the VLC Player or a free version of the 3ivx Player, which is also described at the website. If the free software expires, they have a $6.95 player available at their store.

Difference Between Downloadable Videos and DVD Videos
Downloadable videos are in MP4 format and are very compressed. In our opinion, they are the best space/time tradeoff. But it IS a tradeoff. These videos are usually played on your computer.

The same videos are put onto the DVDs in MP2 format. This produces a MUCH better quality video which is MUCH larger. These videos are usually played on your DVD player and show on your TV.

To get a feel of the difference in size, and therefore quality, every video that I've made and put into MP4 format can fit onto a single DVD. But the DVDs that are being copied and distributed can only hold around 20 music videos.

ALL song videos are produced with the understanding that NO PROFIT WILL BE MADE BY ANYONE in their creation or subsequent copying.

All Downloadable Videos Chronological List
Index of Plans and Lyrics Large, MP2 Videos
Alias Blake's 7 Boston Legal Buffy
Cadfael Camera Computer Due South
Forever Knight Get Smart House Lord of the Rings
Miami Vice Miscellaneous Professionals Quantum Leap
Sherlock Holmes Star Trek Starsky and Hutch Star Wars
Christmas Duenna Julia Ecklar Tom Lehrer
Alias Blakes 7 Cadfael
Get Smart Gettysburg Forever Knight
Hiram Holliday Lord of the Rings Sandbaggers

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