Boston Legal
'When a Tender Maid' - From The Duenna, by Richard Sheridan

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When a tender Maid is first Essayed
By some aspiring Swain,
How her blushes rise if she meets his eyes
While he unfolds his pain!
If he takes her hand she trembles quite!
Touch her lips and she swoons outright!
While a pit a pat a pit a pat a pit a pat a pat
Her heart avows her fright!

But in time appears fewer signs of fear;
The youth she boldly views:
If her hand he grasp, or her bosom clasp,
No mantling blush ensues!
Then to Church well pleas'd the Lovers move,
While her smiles her Contentment prove,
And a pit a pat a pit a pat a pit a pat a pat
Her heart avows her love!

Ending music

When a Tender Maid

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