Lord of the Rings - Strange Blood
Word and Music by Leslie Fish; Sung by Julia Ecklar

Music bridge I - Gimli and Legolas stand together at fellowship forming
Strange blood in our veins .
Too late we understand I - Gimli jumps pit, saved by Legolas
Strength and size and long allegiance to the Elfling band. .
Strange blood -- for its gifts the price at last comes due. I - Gandolf falls, they mourn
Strange lands and stranger duties has it brought us to! I - Gimli and Legolas caught by elves; walk up tree stairway
Strange blood and its gifts we gained from long ago. I - Gimli getting gifts from Gadriel
Shape-Changer gave us this, for cause we'll never know. .
Strange blood and its wisdom long since changed our track; I - Gimli at grave of cousin
Wherever it may lead us now, there is no turning back. I - Gimli and Legolas fighting and running
Strange blood! We are wolves, and we are something more. I - Gimli and Legloas fighting orcs near river
Now it brings us endless wandering, I - Legolas and Gimli starting to run at end of movie
Hunger, rage and war. .
Strange blood kept us fed and brought us help at need. II - soldiers surround them
Now it draws us, by our blood, to go where others lead. II - following hobbits to fangorn
Music bridge II - Legolas draws bow to protect Gimli
Music bridge II - finding Gandorf
Strange blood! No regrets. We would not turn aside. II - Legolas jumps on Gimli's horse
It brought us safely through the fire where all the others died. II - discovering Aragorn is dead
Strange blood! Howl again, for now we know too well: III - gimli blows horn; they ride
Better a friend on paths unknown than be alone in hell! III - die beside an elf; can you die beside a friend? aye

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