Between a Laugh and a Tear

Music leadin STTMP - shuttle arrives at HQ
With paradise no longer fit for you to live in STTMP - door opens on Kirk
Your adolescent dreams are gone .
Through the days you feel a little used up STTMP - Kirk leaves after transporter accident
Donít know where your energyís gone wrong .
Just your soul feeliní a little downhearted STTMP - Kirk reacts to transporter accident
Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live STTMP - Kirk greeting McCoy
Count your friends all on one finger .
I know it sounds crazy just the way that we live STTMP - Kirk closes belt, Enterprise goes into effect
Between a laugh and a tear STTMP - holding hands in sickbay
Smile in the mirror as you walk by STTMP - Kirk smiles at former captain
Between a laugh and a tear STTMP - Spock crying
And thatís as good as it gets for us .
And there ainít no reason to stop tryiní STTMP - Kirk gestures to send ship out
Music bridge STTMP - ship turns around goes into hyperdrive
When this cardboard town can no longer amuse you WoK - Kirk looks away while Spock talking about book
See through everything and nothiní seems worthwhile WoK - Kirk looks out window of apt
Hypocrite used to be such a big word to you WoK - Kirk drinking while McCoy talking in chair
Donít seem to mean anything to you now .
Try to live each and every precious moment WoK - Spock turns to Kirk on deck, Kirk smiles
Discouraged by the future, WoK - Kirk with fist at David
Forget the past WoK - Ex holds out hand Kirk doesn't take
Thatís old advice but itíll be good to you WoK - Spock gets up to talk to Kirk
I know thereís a balance .
I see it when I swing past WoK - Kirk sweeping past in the halls
Between a laugh WoK - Kirk laughs on bridge talking to Spock
And a tear WoK - Kirk sees Scotty's nephew in sickbay
Smile in the mirror as you walk by WoK - Kirk amazed by planet
Between a laugh WoK - Kirk smiles at Spock on bridge
And a tear WoK - Kirk struggles to get to Spock
And thatís as good as it gets for us .
And there ainít no reason to stop tryiní .
Long music bridge WoK - Kirk lies to Admiral, walks to lift,
leaves in Enterprise



OBSESSION - spockprofilekirkconferenceroomkirkleaves

ARENA - emotionalkirkspockinhisroom
CHARLIE - 3dchess

OBSESSION - McCoy walks into Kirk's room

ARENA - greatkmsteasing - fieldsofdestruction
BYANYOTHERNAME - spockputshimselfintotrancesickbay
BYANYOTHERNAME - Kirk turns Spock in cave near McCoy
CHANGELING - KirkSpockMccoy
GALILEO7 - kirkcryingastheysavethemteasingspock
OBSESSION - spocktomccoymccoytokirkinbedspockjoins
PLATOS - spockreactstocryingkirkholdsmccoy

MANTRAP - McCoy on bed

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