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1873 Henry Livingston Lansing and his wife Catharine buy a summer house in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which they name Woodlawn; it was renamed Randwood by later owners.
1873 Sep 4 Catharine's parents marry; Brev. Brig. Gen. Henry L. Burnett marries Sarah Gibson Lansing; Groomsmen: Generals [Joseph] Fullerton and [Benjamin Dana] Fearling, Col. Lewis M. Dayton; present: Senator Sherman, ex-President Fillmore
1873 The Lansings sell their Buffalo house at 274 Delaware Avenue, and live in the Canandiagua house and Woodlawn.
1873 Sep 4 Catharine born in Buffalo NY, daughter of Brev. Brig. Gen. Henry L. Burnett and Sarah Gibson Lansing
1877 Feb 11 Catharine's mother Sarah dies, buried in Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery
1880 Lives with great-grandmother Gibson, grandmother Lansing, and brother in Canandaigua
1881 Sep 15 Catharine Burnett's great-grandmother Gibson dies, buried in Canandaigua West Avenue Cemetery, Section I
1889 Sep 30 Catharine's grandfather, Henry Livingston Lansing, dies in Canandaigua, buried in Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery
1892 Lives with grandmother Lansing, and brother in Canandaigua
1882 Jan 31 Father marries again; Agnes Suffern Tailer
1893 Jan 20 Only sibling, brother Lansing, dies, buried in Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery
1895 Nov 30 Catharine Burnett to marry Robert Jewett Mercur
1896 Jan 5 Catharine Burnett marries Robert Jewett Mercur
1897 Jan 11 Catharine B. Mercur has daughter Catharine in Niagara-on-the-Lake Canada
1897 Oct 25 Catharine's grandmother, Catharine Olivia Gibson Lansing, dies in Canandaigua, buried in Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery
1900 Catharine divorced and living alone with daughter in Canandaigua
1902 Jun 14 Marries second husband, John E. (Jack) Bell
1902 Aug 17 Ad that they need apartment
1902 Oct 28 Just back from long trip to east; going on to new job in Victor as purchasing agent; 2nd in command
1903 Canon City CO Phonebook - Bell, John E (C B), miner, res 420 Macon ave.
1903 Quits as general agent of Independence mine to prospect in Fremont County Mountains
1903 Jun 3 New copper district discovered by Bell; mined placer ground - Dahlonega GA; abt year - Montana; Globe AZ
1904 Jack Bell's Buckskin leases (copper-gold) started stampede
1904 Jul 4 Jack, Catharine, Catharine's first cousin, Ernest Lansing, and a school teacher friend leave for big trip.
Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico
1905 May 11 Jack Bell's son, Bradley Evans Bell, is born in Canon City
1905 Aug 24 CCR: Jack Bell, wife Catherine and (step-) daughter have returned to Canon City
1905 Oct 20 Jack Bell working as guard in Canon City Penitentiary
1905 Nov 6 Telegram about Arizona arriving
1905 Dec 17 Bought Canon City Clipper.
1905 Dec 21 Has control of Canon City Clipper
1906 Bell, Mrs. Katherine, mgr Canon City Cannon, res 420 Macon
The Canon City Cannon, every Wednesday, by the Fremont Publishing Company, Inc.,
  Jack Bell, Editor and Manager, Sub. Price $1 a Year in Advance
1906 Jack Bell and son Bradley at 420 Macon residence
1906 Apr 20 Catharine Bell gathering relief supplies for San Francisco earthquake
1906 Apr 22 Catharine Bell gathering relief supplies for San Francisco earthquake; worries for husband supposed to have been in SF
1906 May 19 Finds rich district of copper; was Lieutenant of Colorado National Guard under Sherman Bell
Bell View is 5 miles east of Buckskin
1906 Jun Son Bradley on pillow;   in high chair
1906 Jun 19 Jack Bell Gold Mining Company established in Nevada
1906 Jul 20 Catherine badly injured in fall from horse; husband Bell is out mining and unavailable
1906 Sep 14 Canon City Cannon: The joy of camping out; Catharine and son Bradley camping out
1906 Sep 30 Catharine elected to Colorado State Central Democratic Committee
1906 Oct 5 Strikes it rich; Bell view named for him; Jack Bell Gold Mining
1906 Dec 30 Ad for 30 cents per stock for Jack Bell
1907 Jan 29 Catharine Bell attends Press Club as editor of Canon City Cannon
1907 Jan 16 06 Nevada State Journal Mining Jack Bell lease fabulous values
1907 Mar 13 Was police reporter, now wealthy; Bell View, a copper camp, was named for him; leaving for NY.
1907 Nov 6 Catharine publishes "Moods and Tenses" to critical acclaim
1907 Nov 9 1853 United States investor Mining Jack Bell Mining Company
1908 Jan 9 Catharine attends Democratic editors meeting; great cartoon of her
1908 Mar 24 Catharine at Democratic meeting; "one of the brainiest women in the state"
1908 Jul 08 06 Nevada State Journal Mining Jack Bell lease sold to Frank Hervey Pettingill
1908 Jul 23 Mrs. Catharine B. Bell, editor of the Canon City Canon, publishes "Hot Shots"
1909 Feb 28 Catharine described as having three children
1909 Feb 28 -
  Sep 16
Variations on an article about Catharine as superwoman working mom and mother
1909 May 30 Committee chair for Denver Woman's Press Club
1909 Jun 11 Catharine became chief clerk of the land board in Denver yesterday; will move to Denver shortly
1909 Jun 11 John Bell and Catherine Bell divorce in Fremont County, docket number 3636
1909 Sep Son Bradley with Sister Catharine
1910 Jan 21 Women form Democratic club
1910 Apr 27 1910 Census shows Catharine with only one son, Bradley E., and one daughter, Catharine G.
1910 Oct 21
Mrs. Catharine B. Bell, editor of the Canon City Canon, publishes "Moods and Tenses"
1910 Oct 21 Catharine Bell, Jack's ex, married Robert Van Deusen;  Van Deusen family
1911 Nov 5 Catharine is a notary public.
1911 Nov 5 Catharine able to register her marriage in Colorado
1911 Dec 22 06 Nevada State Journal Mining Caused stampede; how Jack Bell lost a fortune
1912 Sep 12 Catharine's baby, Robert Van Deusen, Jr. dies
1914 Jul 28 Catharine wins post on wage board
1914 Aug 6 Catharine will investigate women's wages
1914 Dec 18 Catharine's first report for wage board
1914 Dec 20 Catharine's board position challenged
1914 Dec 20 Catharine's daughter at D.A.R. meeting
1915 Jan 12 Catharine offering minimum wage bill
1915 Feb 7 Ex-husband Jack and his 2nd wife Laura go prospecting; she breaks her ankle.
1915 Apr 4 Catharine gives talk
1915 Jun 19 Catharine's daughter in formal wear
1915 May 17 Catharine Burnett named in father's will
1916 Jan 4 Catharine Burnett's father dies
1917 Jun 22 Catharine's daughter wins poster contest
1919 Aug 14 Catharine buys Van Deusen Ranch
1917 Sep 3 Catharine's son Bradley dressed up as Mexican bandit for Frontier Day
1920 Ex-husband John B.E. Bell appears in 1920 census visiting his father and sister in Mercer PA, along with his new wife Laura
1927 Jul 31 Son Bradley is bringing out his own book of poetry, "The Painted Lady."
1928 Jun 28 Catharine wins position as Secretary of the State Minimum Wage Board; summarizes her past experience
1930 Ex-husband John B.E. Bell appears in 1930 census with third wife Lola
1934 Mar 20 Catherine Olivia Burnett Mercur Bell Van Deusen, dies in Denver CO
1940 Apr 3 Census for John B.E. Bell
1941 Jun 16 08 Nevada State Journal Personal Lola Bell's Obituary; death notice
1948 Jun 16 Son Bradley teaching leather carving he learned in VA hospitals.
1952 Aug 9 Jack Bell dies in Reno NV
1952 Aug 12 02 Reno Evening Gazette Personal Jack Bell's Obituary
1952 Aug 13 02 Nevada State Journal Personal Jack Bell's Obituary
1952 Aug 13 04 Nevada State Journal Personal An Old Timer - Another Jack Bell Obituary
1955 Sep 23 Son Bradley Evans Bell (now Bradley T. Van Deusen), dies in San Antonio TX
1955 Sep 27 Death notice for Bradley Evans Bell (now Bradley T. Van Deusen)
1955 Oct 5 Will of Bradley Evans Bell (now Bradley T. Van Deusen)

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