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Mrs. Catherine Bell and R.M. Van Deusen
Elope to Nebraska

Denver Post, October 21, 1910

Robert M. Van Deusen. Whose wife scoured a divorce from him two days ago and who is reported to have been married to Mrs. Catharine B. Bell, they going to another state to evade the Colorado law prohibiting the marriage of a divorced person within a year of the granting of the decree.

Mrs. Catharine B. Bell, Chief clerk of the state land board, who is believed to have been married in some state adjoining Colorado, to Robert M. Van Deusen, one of the state inheritance tax appraisers.

Mrs. Catherine B. Bell, a divorcee, and Robert M. Van Deusen, who was divorced at a more recent date, are absent from their posts of duty and rumor has carried them to a Hymeneal altar just across the Nebraska state line. The wedding has been expected by friends of the two daily for the past week. Van Deusen's wife secured a divorce at Hahn's Peak ten days ago, Judge C. A. Morning granting the decree. Van Deusen made no contest.

He came over from Routt county shortly after the beginning of the administration of Attorney General Barnett, to be one of the inheritance tax appraisers for the state, and at the same time Mrs. Bell came up from Fremont county to accept an appointment made by Mrs. Katherine M. Cook, to the state land office. Mrs. Bell is the divorced wife of John Bell, a former Denver newspaper man. She edited successfully the Canon City Cannon since her divorce and was the only probation officer in Fremont county.

In addition to this she was president of the board of county visitors, special agent to the board of county commissioners in cases of destitution, and secretary of the Humane society for her town. She has done considerable literary work of notable merit, a book called "Moods and Tenses" being the product of her pen.

Van Deusen was, until the recent state convention, secretary of the Democratic state central committee. He is still active at headquarters. He did not bring his family to Denver when he assumed his duties as inheritance tax appraiser. This was one of the reasons for the divorce. Mrs. Bell has been living with her children at 853 Magnolia street, Montclair.

Nebraska is the nearest Gretna Green to Colorado, now that Wyoming has put the ban on the early marriages of divorcees.

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