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Pay of Colorado Working Women Shown in Minimum Wage Report
Denver Post, Dec 18, 1914, Page 12

First Compilation Shows That of 4,244 Females, 2,-57 Receive Less Than $8 Week - Telephone Company in Denver Makes Good Showing

The first annual report of the state minimum wage board, now in the hands of the printer, contains interesting statements of the wages and conditions of the working-women of Colorado, collected officially for the first time in the state by Mrs. Catharine B. Van Deusen, secretary of the board. Attempts were made to get figures on the pay of employees under the age of 18, but the secretary received little co-operation from employees along this line.

Mrs. Van Deusen requested information from 230 laundries, factories, stores and other establishments, and 116 of them replied. Figures compiled from the replies show that of 4,244 women employed, 2,057 receive less than $8 a week, which Mrs. Van Deusen says in her report has been found in other states to be the minimum living wage.

Excluding the Mountain States Telephone company, the largest single employer of women, the wsages of 3,524 women employees show that 54 per cent receive less than $8. Of the total number, 4,244, the report says that 18l5 per cent receive less than $6 a week.

The Telephone company in Denver employes 700 women and 20 female minors. Of those the cumulative table shows that only two receive under $6, 39 under $7, 156 under $8, 408 under $10, and 312 receive more than $10 a week.

Following are other cumulative tables which show accurately the relative weekly wages of women in different occupations.

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