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Before The Birth of Lewis Morris

.1646/7 Lewis Morris begins creation of plantation and mercantile empire in Barbados
Sep 81664 New York surrendered by the Dutch to the English
.1664 Richard Nicolls becomes NY Governor
.1664 Monmouth Patent (New Jersey) issued
.1666 Richard runs a NYC branch of Lewis's mercantile empire
Jan 91665 Richard Morris writes Description of a Comet
.1668 Francis Lovelace becomes NY Governor
.1668 Colonel Lewis Morris establishes Morrisania estate
Aug 151670 Richard Morris and Sarah Pole marry in Barbados
Aug 101671 Richard Morris and his brother, Colonel Lewis Morris, sign agreement that 2/3 of all real estate in the name of Richard Morris belongs to his brother, but that all property of either would be inherited by the other

Lewis Morris born at Morrisania NY

Oct 151671 Lewis Morris born at Morrisania NY
Mar1672 Captain Richard Morris and Sarah Pole die; baby put first with Uncle Walter Webley, the husband of Aunt Mary Morris
.1673 Isabella Graham born in Scotland
Jul 301673 Dutch retake New York, and confiscate the property of Colonel Lewis Morris to support the occupation
.1673 Anthony Colve becomes NY Governor
.1673 Colonel Lewis Morris returns to New York, his request for guardianship of baby Lewis is rejected; John Lawrence, Stephanus van Cortlandt, and Walter Webley, Jr. named guardians.
Mar1674 Walter Webley, Jr. and two others named guardians for 2 1/2 year old Lewis
Oct 311674 New York handed back to the English
.1674 Edmund Andros becomes NY Governor
Oct 311674 Sometime after this, Uncle Lewis Morris obtains guardianship of his young namesake
late1674 Uncle Lewis Morris gets 1920 acres for Morrisania
Oct 251676 Uncle Lewis Morris receives 3540 acres in Monmouth County NJ, specified as the Manor of Tinton by Governor Carteret
.1683 Francis Nicholson becomes NY Governor
Feb1683 Uncle Lewis Morris moves to New Jersey as head of East Jersey's Governor's Council
.1687 Sixteen year old Lewis Morris involved in the surveying of the East and West New Jersey border marking.
.1688 Jacob Leisler becomes NY Governor
.1688-9 Almost 18, Lewis feels his aunt is turning his stern Quaker uncle against him, and the young man runs away to Jamaica
.1690 Uncle Lewis Morris learns where young Lewis is and sends ship to bring him home
early Feb1691 Young Lewis Morris returns to Morrisania
Feb 121691 Uncle Lewis Morris makes his will, written out by a servant, William Bickley
Feb 141691 Uncle Lewis Morris dies at Morrisania
Feb 211691 Aunt Mary, who had been promoted from maid servant to wife in her husband's old age, dies at Morrisania
.1691 Henry Sloughter becomes NY Governor
May1691 Lewis Morris successfully defends his inheritance against forged changes in his Uncle's will made by Bickley
.1691 Henry Sloughter dies, and Major Richard Ingoldsby becomes NY Governor

Turns 20

Oct 151691 Turns 20
Nov 31691 Lewis Morris marries Isabella Graham (18), the daughter of New York Attorney General James Graham
.1692 Benjamin Fletcher becomes NY Governor
.1692 Judge of the Court of Common Right of East Jersey
.1692 Daughter Euphemia Morris born
.1692 Member, Governor's Council
.1695 Daughter Mary Morris born
May1697 Governor Fletcher approves Morris's petition to make Morrisania a Manor
.1697 Daughter Sarah Morris born
.1698 Richard Coote, Earl of Bellomont becomes NY Governor
Sep 231698 Son Lewis Morris, Jr. born
.1698 Removed from Governor's Council for opposing appt of Gov. Basse
.1700 Father-in-law James Graham dies at Morrisania, where he's been living
.1700 Son Robert Hunter Morris born

Turns 30

.1701 John Nanfan becomes NY Governor
Oct 151701 Turns 30
Apr 161702 The surrender of New Jersey proprietors to Queen Anne, brought to England by Lewis Morris, is presented to the queen
.1702 Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury becomes NY Governor
Aug 141703 Named to Governor Cornbury's Council
.1704 Removed from Council; reinstated by queen; again removed
Apr 31706 Daughter Anne Morris born
.1707 Son John Morris born
.1707 Elected to General Assembly
.1708 John, Lord Lovelace becomes NY Governor
.1708 Named to Governor Lovelace's Council
.1708 Daughter Arabella Morris born
March1709 Poems in Defense of the Address to Lord Lovelace
.1708/9 The Just the Righteous Man Poem
.1709 Richard Ingoldsby becomes NY Governor
.1709 Suspended from Governor Ingoldsby's Council
.1710 Gerardus Beekman becomes NY Governor
.1710 Robert Hunter becomes NY Governor
.1710 Named head of Governor Robert Hunter's Council
.1710-1715 Daughter Isabella Morris born
.1711 Daughter Margaret Morris born

Turns 40

Oct 151711 Turns 40
Apr 31712 Daughter Elizabeth Morris born
.1714 Collaborated with Governor Robert Hunter on production of first play printed in America
.1715 Daughter Sarah Morris (18) marries Michael Kearney (45)
.1719 Peter Schuyler becomes NY Governor
.1720 William Burnet becomes NY Governor
.1720 Named Chief Justice by Governor William Burnet

Turns 50

Oct 151721 Turns 50
Mar 171722/3 Son Lewis Morris, Jr. (25) marries Tryntje Staats (25)
.1723 Daughter Isabella Morris (13-18) marries Richard Ashfield
.1723 Personal 3000 book library is only 500 books smaller than Harvard's library
.1728 John Montgomerie becomes NY Governor
Apr 221730 Letter to son John Morris.
Jun 121730 Letter to son John Morris.
.1730 Son John Morris takes over management of Tinton Manor
Jul 11731 Governed New Jersey from death of Governor Montgomerie until Aug 1732 arrival of Governor Cosby

Turns 60

Oct 151731 Turns 60
.1731 Rip Van Dam becomes NY Governor
.1732 William Cosby becomes NY Governor
Apr1733 Suspended as Chief Justice by Governor Cosby
.1733 As head of party opposing DeLanceys, elected to General Assembly from Westchester
Late1734 Returned to England to argue for removal of Governor Cosby, or strengthening of General Assembly
.1736 George Clarke becomes NY Governor
May 291736 Daughter Sarah Morris Kearney (39) dies
Oct 71736 Arrived back in Morrisania NY; then continued on to New Jersey
Late1736 Rejected as member of Council because of his England trip
.1737 Son John Morris (30) dies
.1738 Appointed Governor of New Jersey
Jun 21738 Daughter Euphemia Morris Norris (46) dies
Mar 171738 Daughter Arabella Morris (30) marries James Graham (34)
Summer1738 Takes up duties as Governor of New Jersey
May 251739 Letter to John Clark, Bookseller
Oct 121739 Letter to John Clark, Bookseller
Jun 101739 Daughter Anne Morris (33) marries Edward Antill (38)
Feb 231740 Letter to Governor Thomas
.1741 Daughter-in-law Katrintje (Tryntie) Staats Morris (34) dies
Apr 251741 Daughter Isabella Morris Ashfield (31-36) dies
May 71741 Son-in-law Richard Ashfield (47) dies

Turns 70

Oct 151741 Turns 70
Dec 141741 Daughter Elizabeth Morris (29) marries Colonel Anthony White (23)
Apr 101742 Letter to Governor Thomas
May1742 In London, daughter Mary Morris Pearse accused by her husband of infidelity
May 141742 Letter to daughter Euphonia Morris
Dec 231742 Letter to son Lewis Morris, Jr.
Aug 261743 Letter to daughter Euphonia Morris.
Dec 131743 Letter to daughter Euphonia Morris
.1744 George Clinton becomes NY Governor
Jan 221744 Letter to daughter Euphonia Morris
Jun 31744 Letter to daughter Euphonia Morris
.1746 Daughter Mary Morris Pearse (51) dies

Dies aged 75

1746 Dies (75) at Trent House NJempty
Nov 31746 Son Lewis Morris, Jr. (48) marries Sarah Gouverneur (20)
May 211752 Wife Isabella Graham Morris (79) dies

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Lewis Morris

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