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Letter to John Clark, Bookseller
Perth Amboy, May 25th 1739


I should be glad to do any friend of yours a service, and believe Capt Thomlinsen a diligent capable person, but there are two or three things in the way.

One Partridge was Agent before I came to this government, made by the Assembly, by what authority I know not as yet, and he still continues on that footing without a new appointment.

2d the thing is such a trifle, -- about 46 pounds Sterl per annum, as to be worth nobody's acceptance.

3d I am under a sort of pre-engagement to Sir Chas Wager's secretary, to whom I am in a particular manner obliged, should the thing be in my Gift, which whether it be or not I cannot at present say. So much for that.

I have underneath sent a Catalogue of Books if you'll please to send them it is well; but if you do not I shall not be displeased being conscious to my self how dilatory a pay master you have had of Sir, &c.

Boulan Villiers parliaments of France
Miltons Works. Two volumes
Fletchers Political Works
The Religion Essential to Man by the author
of the world unmasked
High flown Episcopacy & Priestly Claims Examined
in a Dialogue between a Country
Gent & a Vicar
Hamilton's Account of the East Indies
Hales History of the pleas of the Crown 2 voll fol:
Farresly reports of Chief Justice Holts Cases
I do not mean a book call'd Modern Cases by Farresly printed in 1716, or another of that title printed in 1713, which I have already, but a new book which I find advertised.
History and Practice of the Court of Common Pleas
empty D[itt]o of the Court of Exchequer
A New Hebrew Grammar, in English.
A review of the Controversie about the meaning of Demoniacs
An Arabic Grammar, if to be gotten
Oldmixons History of the Stuarts
Millars Gardiner's Dictionary

To Mr John Clark book sellr under the Royall Exchange at ye bible

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