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Letter to John Clark, Bookseller
October 12th 1739.


I sent you by Bryant 110 milled Spanish pieces of 8 which I hope came to hand - Gill goes this day and I have some Gold to send you by her if I can get in on board; but if I can procure a bill, that shall come; If it does, add to the bookes I sent for, Tindal's Josephus, a little book Just publish'd call'd the compleat gamester, a large quarto bible bound in turkey, guilt & Letter'd; and, if the money holds out, Chambers dictionary--

emptyI am sir,emptyL.M.

P.S. October 15. With this you have a bill for 22.5 pounds sterling, w[it]h a letter of advice. The bible should be without common prayer & singing psalmes. I would have 3 sent instead of one. If there be war declar'd, or the commission of reprisalls continue, insure the bookes sent if you have not sent them before this comes to hand. If the bookes come to more than the money I'll send the ballance, if to less, I shall direct more bookes when I know.

emptyLewis Morris
Lewis Morris

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