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Letter to Son Lewis Morris, Jr.
Kingsberry December 23rd 1742


I had yours wth the account of the intended marriage of your daughter, which, as things are now circumstanced, seemes to be an advantageous match. And I hope will prove both to your satisfaction and theires, if his resolutions continue, wch may perhaps admit of debate, if the father & mother be not satisfied in ye point of fortune. However, that I leave. As to 200 pounds, it is more than I can spare, if not more than needfull or perhaps consistent with your present circumstances, to give for what is call'd an outset; & if you suffer your selfe to be govern'd in that case, & provide all that silly women will think necessary, convenient, or honourable, it may be twice 200 pounds will not serve the turne: but wth this I have nothing to do, you are the best Judge. Robin tells me I am in your debt 72 pounds or thereabouts for money advanc'd for me. I did not think I was in your debt, or that it would prove so when thoroughly examined into, but be that as it will I will spare you 100 pounds on this occasion, for which I speak to James Graham to let you have when the wheat there is dispos'd of, & send me your receipt for 72 pounds advanc'd or whatever it is. This will be better than giving bond to me or any body else, w'ch should in all cases (if possible) be avoided, as being a slow but fatall pest that not only destroys the persons it sceises but too often descends to Posterity, & to be assured that you are free from the infection would be a great pleasure to

empty Your affectionate father, emptyL.M.

emptyLewis Morris
Lewis Morris

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