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a short time, and then it will act cathartically. I have frequently known a dose of emetic tartar to produce all this in five-and-twenty or thirty minutes, by the assistance of thirty or forty light shocks: but in forcing the emetic to throw up from the stomach more powerfully, I have passed the shock from just under the region of the stomach to the side of the neck: When this action was sufficient, I would turn the shock downward, as before mentioned, and it will purge in a few minutes, &c.


I am not certain that this disease can be finally cured by the shocks. But one thing I am very certain of, and that is, it will give instant relief in a fit of the asthma, and will throw it off for that time. My experience goes no further than just to understand thus much of the use of the electric shocks, in this case.

One person, who had been constantly troubled with this disease for years, was free from it almost entirely during one year, by taking about thirty shocks at one time. The circumstances have alwsys been such, that I have had no opportunity of making a thorough experiment: Moreover, the great difficulty there will always be, till people grow more rational, to persuade them to that degree of precaution that would be necessary to make a fair experiment, or finally to determine whether a process of electrification would avail to establish health. Without the most scrupulous attention, many colds would intervene, and would render all attempts to effect a cure absolutely abortive.

The manner of electrifying in this case is, to pass the gentle shocks from the right shoulder to the left side, just under the left arm: about fifteen or twenty may be given at one time; but sometimes less will suffice to throw off a fit of the asthma.

This is a case that merits a treatment by the artificial insolation. If any person hath leisure and abilities to make the experiment for a few months, I doubt not but that they would find their advantage in so doing.

As electricity seems to be the last and only resort to which people can apply with any hope of ultimate success, in this disease, it would seem prudent to give it a fair trial. I think a lengthy insolation, alternated with the gentle frictional electrifications, would at least go very far in removing an asthma, as well as many other cases of obstinate debility. To make the experiment in a proper manner, will require an insolating bed, or a bed standing upon glass, that the patient may sleep in the plus electrification, and not depend on what may be performed in the day time only.

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Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered is presented here for historical purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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