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be less difficulty in the cure. Dr. Cavallo, in treating of this case by electricity, speaks very confidently and emphatically; and intimates, if I remember right, that there is no failure of cure, under a proper treatment, by the electric shocks. From what I have observed in a long practice, I have reason to believe that very few, if any cases of partial, or even total suppression of menstruation, would be able to resist the power of the shocks in remedying this complaint: but when it has been of long continuance, more time will be occupied in establishing a due action in the part; indeed, the intention of cure must be directed to the whole system, to increase the vital stimulus of blood, to enliven the mind, and animate the functions both of body and mind, as much as possible. The electric shocks keeping the fluids duly attenuated, and every passage of evacuation open and free, the establishment of health will be complete, as soon as the quantity of vital stimulus is sufficiently increased.

If the supernatural insolation is of any use in any case, no one will doubt the propriety of making use of it in this: It appears to me, to be peculiarly adapted to assist in this deficient action. There can be no doubt, but that an agent so invigorating, so stimulating and enlivening to the motion of the fluids, must, by a suitable application and continuation, produce a very valuable effect in removing a state of deficient excitement, and in establishing health from any disease which hath originated or doth exist in debility, either of the direct or of the indirect kind.

King's Evil.

I must intrude my catholicon upon the stage a little longer, that its abilities may be further exhibited: nor shall I blush to own, (and that in the face of those who say, a medicine that is good for every thing, is good for rothing) that there are several diseases not yet named, in which electricity is an admirable specific. If you can find nothing more fashionable, or infallible, in curing this scrofula, than the electric shock; or if you can stoop to a mean so simple, and but little in fashion and estimation; or if you will not be ashamed to obtain your cure so cheap and easy, then you shall be directed to an infallible cure. First, the part on which the shocks are to be applied, must be warmly covered, and that steadily continued until perfectly well. The shocks must be passed through the seat of the disease: they must be, at least some of them, smart shocks, in order to separate the coagulations, accelerate the contained fluids, and dilate and open the passages, that so the circulations may be again performed. I need not say much on this head; only that the part be kept warm, and indeed the whole body, and about twenty or thirty shocks daily to be given from just above the feat of the disease, and passed down to the

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1 Title page
2 Preface
13 Animal and Vegetable Electricity
15 Chapter 1 - Electric fire promotes the vegetable life, etc.
70 Chapter 2 - Of the Conductors
   97 Chapter 3 - Fever  [Medical Conditions]
108 Peripneumony 171 Cholic 210 Involuntary motion
      of the eyelids
111 Pleurisy 174 Asthma 210 Hemmorage
114 St. Anthony's Fire 176 Diabetes 217 Hemorroids
115 Inflammatory Rheumatism 178 Urine suppressed,
  bloody and hot
217 Ulcers and Abcesses
115 Inflammatory Sore Throat 182 Menses obstructed 220 Rickets
122 Madness 185 King's Evil 221 Locked Jaw or Joints
131 Ague 186 Cancers 224 Bruises
138 St. Vitus's Dance 194 Quincy 229 Nerves contracted
140 Hysterics 195 Head-ache 230 Sprain or Strain
144 Epilepsy 196 Deafness 231 Felon or Whitlow
149 Consumption 197 Inflammatory Eyes 231 Pains in different parts
153 Palsy 197 Film 232 Wounds, etc.
158 Dropsy 199 Gutta Serena 234 Drowning
164 Gout 207 Cataract 237 Suppressed Perspiration
166 Dysentery 209 Fistula Lachrymalis 237 Burns and Scalds
242 Chapter 4  [Equipment]
277 Thoughts on the Times
Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered is presented here for historical purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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