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passed down to the lower part of the spine, or back-bone; it will immediately check the puking, and purge very freely. People that I have electrified in this disease, some years past, tell me that they have ever been less troubled with that complaint since the electrification, than what they were formerly.

I used the shocks on one man, at Galway, whose life was almost exhausted in one hour. It was a tremendous discharge of blood, both ways, I directed the shocks as just now described, and the effect was an instant cessatin of vomiting, but purged severely for a minute or two. I rallied his strength with a dose of opium; and a little of the bark put him on his legs very soon.

The cholic that is attended with costiveness, must be treated very differently. The shocks effect nothing in diluting the dense feces; moreover, it is imprudent to pass many shocks on the intestines in this situation; the consequence is, that the elasticity of the shocks irritates the intestines, by springing them, while their contents are in a state so capable of chafing and wounding this part, which, of all the system, is supposed to be most irritable, and most easily inflamed. Wherefore, all the use that can be had of the shock in this case, is, to accelerate the operation of the physic, when there appears to be any difficulty in its operating. It is of great value in this particular case. Any person that only knows that gesticulation quickens the action of an emetic or cathartic, will want but little argumentation to convince him that the gentle shocks claim a very great ascendency over any kind of gesticulation that any person may be capable of. Moreover, it is most commonly the case, that people need these helps, are not capable of action, or gesticulation, in any degree that will essentially affect the operation of physic. Hence electricity claims considerable merit in this particular respect.

When it appears necessary to use electricity with an intention of forcing the action of a cathartic in obstinate cases, the proper method will be, to pass about eight or ten shocks at one time; and if the case is urgent, or the circumstances of the patient demand immediate relief, to repeat about the same number of shocks, once in twelve or fifteen minutes, till the physic shall operate. The physic may be given about fifteen minutes previous to the first electrification.

When there is any difficulty in keeping an emetic or cathartic in the stomach, the shocks being passed from about midway of the ositerum, or breast bone, to the lower extremities of the spine, will prevent their coming up prematurely - the shocks turned down the perestaltic motion. It is impossible, however, to prevent, if it were necessary, the action of an emetic by giving the shocks downward; but its emossion from the stomch will be rapid for

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1 Title page
2 Preface
13 Animal and Vegetable Electricity
15 Chapter 1 - Electric fire promotes the vegetable life, etc.
70 Chapter 2 - Of the Conductors
   97 Chapter 3 - Fever  [Medical Conditions]
108 Peripneumony 171 Cholic 210 Involuntary motion
      of the eyelids
111 Pleurisy 174 Asthma 210 Hemmorage
114 St. Anthony's Fire 176 Diabetes 217 Hemorroids
115 Inflammatory Rheumatism 178 Urine suppressed,
  bloody and hot
217 Ulcers and Abcesses
115 Inflammatory Sore Throat 182 Menses obstructed 220 Rickets
122 Madness 185 King's Evil 221 Locked Jaw or Joints
131 Ague 186 Cancers 224 Bruises
138 St. Vitus's Dance 194 Quincy 229 Nerves contracted
140 Hysterics 195 Head-ache 230 Sprain or Strain
144 Epilepsy 196 Deafness 231 Felon or Whitlow
149 Consumption 197 Inflammatory Eyes 231 Pains in different parts
153 Palsy 197 Film 232 Wounds, etc.
158 Dropsy 199 Gutta Serena 234 Drowning
164 Gout 207 Cataract 237 Suppressed Perspiration
166 Dysentery 209 Fistula Lachrymalis 237 Burns and Scalds
242 Chapter 4  [Equipment]
277 Thoughts on the Times
Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered is presented here for historical purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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