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giving relief in this disease. Although they have not generally had the best means, yet they have been possessed of such as would very often cure in this case, and the cases would have been more frequent, had not the patients been wanting in themselves.

The supernatural insolation is of importance in this case; a high degree of insolation, if commenced an hour before the fit, will resist the paroxysm considerably, or totally prevent it: this, however, depends on the degree of the insolation; if it is very high, it is impossible that the ague should commence; but a week degree of it, conjoined with a few light shocks, and a small dose of opium, diluted or in substance, will, unless a miracle prevent it, resist the fit to all intents. This is the mode of treatment which I shall recommend; use all the artificial insolation that is possible, from day to day; and about an hour previous to the proxysm, stimulate and raise the tone of the vessels, by that mistaken old sedative, opium: if the sense of cold, or as oft as the sense of cold shall appear, assist the action of the arteries, by a few light elastic springs; these shocks will also attenuate the blood, and facilitate it to the tone of the vessels. If a puke is necessary, give it, or any other evacuant.

St. Vitus's Dance.

THIS involuntary motion is easily cured by the gentle electrification, daily administered, and by repeated insolations. Let light shocks, to the amount of twelve or fifteen, be daily passed upon the whole nervous system. I have had but one case of this kind; it was a young girl, niece of Mr. Merrill, Ballston pool; she had been several months in this situation. It was with difficulty that she could articulate so as to be understood, or ascend or descend a flight of stairs, &c. she had been under the care of one or two physicians; but by some means, received no perceptible benefit.

The method I pursued, was to give her about fifteen light shocks in every part of the body and limbs, in the evening; then put her into a warm bed, and gave her freely of some diaphoretic herb-tea, the more readily to produce a sweat. She was kept in a gentle perspiration three or four nights successively; but in half that time she was evidently better, and in about ten or twelve days was intirely well.

This girl had symptoms of a cachexy of the fluids, by corrosive tetters on the surface; this caused me to conjecture, that this involuntary motion proceeded not so much from debility, simply considered, as from those sharp humours, as I conceived, to prick and irritate the nerves, and cause them to spring and move, without the volition of the will. And in the sequel I was confirmed in my opinion: the recovery was too sudden to admit the idea, that the cause was debility; but it was not too sudden to admit of the idea of its proceeding from an

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Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered is presented here for historical purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.


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