Sons of Robert Livington

What this intermarriage meant for Henry Sr., and for Henry Jr., was that there was social intercourse between the families, even though Gilbert's branch was the poorer of the three.

Cornelia's father's fortune had been inherited mainly by her brother, Colonel Henry Beekman. Colonel Henry's first wife was Janet Livingston. Janet was the daughter of the nephew of Robert Livingston, 1st Lord, and the niece of Robert's wife, Alida Schuyler. Janet didn't live much beyond the birth of their daughter, Margaret Livingston, and Henry Beekman remarried - this time to the daughter of a Van Cortlandt and Schuyler. But in his second marriage, Colonel Henry had no children.

This left Henry Beekman's nephew and namesake, Henry Livingston, Sr., to be the support of his uncle. When baby Margaret grew up, she married, what else, a Livingston - this one the only child of Robert 1st Lord's son Robert. So now you had two major estates joined with two only children. Two very rich, only children - Margaret Beekman and Robert R. Livingston.

So many of the responsibilities that had been Henry Sr.'s, became Robert R. Livingston's. But the families remained close enough that Henry Jr. spent the winter in New York City, living in the home of Henry Beekman.

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