Henry Livingston, Sr. Etching

Henry Jr. was raised on the banks of the Hudson River. From this drawing that he made when an adult, it must have been a wonderful childhood for him and for his ten brothers and sisters. On the farm there would have been chores, but there was obviously still time for fishing. He reproduced his parents home in a watercolor, an etching, as well as having it engraved on his snuffbox!

As Henry wrote in the New-York Magazine, "Although the mansion is far from being magnificent -- although no artificial fountains sprinkle the parterres, or statues or pagodas are seen in the gardens, nor any extraordinary effort of expence exhibited; yet nature, in her kindliest mood, has undulated the hills around, smoothed the terrene where the buildings are erected, laved the shores with the majestic Hudson, and made the whole delightful."

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