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Big Mac
Leatherneck Magazine, Sep 1935, 18:9, p.19
By Teneyck vanDeusen

"They whom the Gods love, die young!" 
And! . . . . And-He is dead! 
Clear eyed and smiling he went down 
In the splendor of his youth and strength 
In the dust of a Border town 
His eyes blazing with the joy of battle 
The aura of his hair a crown! 
He was my friend, a friend so true, 
We swore the blood in another land 
And then we took the trail anew. 
In the stink and dust of an alien land 
He died and I never knew! 
"They whom the Gods love, die young!" 
And! . . . . And-He is dead! 

         Teneyck vanDeusen

Historical Notes

Big Mac wrote to mother after her divorce to father. No idea what this means then, 8 years before that.

'Big Mac' was Robert E. McCracken, also called Mac and Bobbie Mac. Mac was one of Bradley's closest friends. They had known one another from at least their days of teaching ROTC at the University of Chicago. After Bradley was transferred to New York, Mac wrote one of the columns to which Bradley had been a frequent contributor

soldier with sword

Bobby Bev was Ralph B. Robinson, the second member of the triumverate. It was probably for Bob that Bradley named his son Robert and Bob, in turn, named his son Bradley.

bob, mac, brad near car

The three men were hard drinkers and alcohol figured prominently as a curse of their lives. Ralph was depressed over his marriage falling apart and shot himself. He was found by Mac, who fell apart after the funeral. It was left to Cap, the one to whom this book was signed, to give the bad news to Bradley.
father and friend reflection of souls

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